Cognizant Interview Experience | Set 4 (On Campus for Associate)

First there was a preliminary test which was held on the platform of AMCAT. Approx 2500 students applied for it. It Consisted of Quants, Verbal, Logical, Coding and computer programming. From this test 96 were shortlisted.

Round 1: AMCAT Test

This was similar to the preliminary test conducted in the first round and on the same platform. Coding question were mostly from PREPINSTA, practice that and you can clear this round. Cutoff was to solve at least one code completely. There were 4 sections, Critical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Verbal and 2 Coding questions. 46 got shortlisted after this round.

Round 2: LEVEL 2 Coding

This test was conducted on the platform of Hackerrank, test duration was 1.5hr. They asked 4 question which included Knapsack Problem, Strings, Arrays. I solved 3. Students solved 2 full code or 3 partially got shortlisted. 27 got shortlisted after this round.

Round 3:Technical HR 1

Interviewer asked lots of questions from different domain. For me he asked me two solve two codes , codes were easy. One was to count the frequency of character in a given string, other was to check whether the given IP address is valid or not. Then he switched to Web Services, then asked about DBMS, then some web development related questions, asked about software development lifecycle. This interview went for approx. 1 hour.

Round 4:Technical HR 2

This was easy, based on the interview 1, whatever is your strong domain, they will ask questions from your strong domain only. This interview went for 20min.

Round 5: Final HR

HR was very friendly, tell him everything frankly and do not lie.

5 out of 27 made till final HR.

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