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Cognizant Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2019

Round 1:

I am a mechanical engineer, cognizant was came to my college.First round will be quite easy which consist of quants, logical resoning, verbal and debugging.All will be based on amcat pattern which is quite easier.Debugging will have 7 coding questions we should debug it quickly because only 20 minutes were given for 7 question.Out of 7 question 5 will be debugging, and 2 will be logical coding.Remeber it, switch to next question if think that you cant solve it because only 20 mins for debugging.I cleared first round, I was called for technical interview.


Round 2:

Technical interview:
I was little nervous on that day.I waited outside, my name was called….I entered the panel.he asked me to introduce myself.I introduced me.Then he began to ask me the questions.The questions were mostly on what you have mentioned on your resume.he asked about my project and features in it..Then he asked c vs python, why are you prefferring python than java, he asked me to write one logical program in python, what are the fields where python is used, he asked me all the oops concepts with explanation, and also he tested my core knowledge he asked me about the BS4 engine, and finally he asked about the big data analysis wokshop i attended…..
I answered mostly all the questions.easy tips to clear the technical interview please be prepared what you put on your resume, and be confident about what you are telling.I cleared the technical interview and they called me for personal hr..

Round 3:

personal hr:
I was happy and got some confidence after I cleared the technical interview…because 95% you have reserved the seat If you have cleared technical interview.My name was called, I entered the panal and wished her with a smile.As the same she asked the self intro, please be prepared with your self intro because it makes good impression on you…then i faced a question like all the mechanical engineers do “your are from mechanical stream why are you choosing IT??” I already prepared for that question because i expect it from hr…..
I told her boldly.. she impressed.Then she asked why you learnt python instead of java ?? I told..she asked me some formal questions like are u willing to relocate and are you ok with any shifts…and she asked me to sign in the agreement, I was happy and signed it and thanked her and leaved the panal with a smiling face.I think i was lucky on that day……..


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