Cognizant Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Round 1:

This was an online test conducted through Amcat.

There were an English section, quants section, logical and the Automata fix(Can be called as a coding section were you are given the task to debug your code or sometimes asked to write a function).

This was easy and if you can solve those Automata fix questions you are sure to get an interview call as that is the most important section.My quants and logical did not go so well but i solved 6 out of 7 in the coding part and i got a call.

Round 2:

Have to say the quality of interview of Cognizant is amongst the top.I have interviewed at 3 Mnc’s and a startup and this interview takes the 2nt spot the startup being the first.

The interviewer was very friendly.He went through my projects as i had a lot.He asked me about deep learning, this discussion toke almost half of my interview.He also asked me about React.js, node.js and the current trending technologies.Then he also asked me to code a problem of linked list(simple traversal) and a tree problem to find its height.This interview was not like some bookish interview were you are asked just about all the bookish knowledge but he tested me on the current tech and its real world implementations.

Again it depends on the panel you are put into.

Round 3:

This was an HR Round.The interviewer was again very friendly.The interviewer generally tested my communication skills.

General questions like:


2)Today’s newspaper headline.

3)Why should i hire you?

4)Strong points and weak points.

5)Any relocation issues?

6)Why are you interested to join us?

Lasted for about 7-8 minutes.

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