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Cognizant Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 15 Oct, 2019

Hi Everyone, Here you can read my On-Campus interview experience of cognizant(2020 Batch) ..

Round 1: First round was all about how good you are in quantitative aptitude, logical, verbal and in Automata          fix. For Automata fix, you must have the debugging skills to check logical error, syntactical error and missing line in code. I solved 6 out of 7 question in automata fix.I was not able to manage last question. So, in this section, time management is very important.For aptitude part, you only need practice, nothing else.

Reference : Practice question from online site such as Indiabix, faceprep and book : campus recruitment book.

And I qualified for technical round(Round 2)  🙂

Round 2:  Most Important round for any company.. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW  !!

Resume got submitted . Me and my friends were waiting eagerly for the name call.

All of my friend’s name was called and they were also happy with their performance.

Then, my turn came  ..

Now, you can see the questions that were asked to me ..      ”  He(Interviewer) ”

  1. How was your day ?? Introduce Yourself.
  2. What is your favourite subject ?

– I said Data Structure but none of the questions were asked from it.(Their strategy maybe .. )

  1. What is Object Oriented Programming ?
  2. What are the features of Object Oriented Programming ?
  3. What is Polymorphism and its types ??
  4. Write the code through any example to show polymorphism in your favourite language.                                 – I started writing code(In C++) with method overriding first and also explained parallely what i am trying to do. Then, he switched to the next question..
  5. Do you know Database??

– I said yes, then he started asking question from DBMS.

  1. What is ACID Property ??
  2. Explain the meaning of each term in ‘ACID’ .
  3. Give one real life example of ‘D-Durability’ ??
  4. What is Normalization ??
  5. What are the anomalies of Normalization ?? Explain.
  6. Types of Normalization ??
  7. What is Primary Key and Foreign Key ??
  8. If you are given employee name, employee salary, employee id, then

Create a table through SQL query.

  1. What is the Difference between Delete and Truncate ??
  2. If you have to delete employee id – 400 from employee table, then

How will you delete it ?? Write its SQL query.

  1. In this last question, he gave me the series 2, 5, 7, 12 ….  and asked me to write a code for it.                                                                                                                                                                                        –  It was nothing but fibonacci series with two starting fixed number as 2 and 5. And I wrote the  fibonacci code.Then he told me to wait for the result..                                                                                                     So .. I cleared this round too and moved to the next round (Round 3) 🙂

Round 3: It was the HR round (Non-technical) !!

In this round, hardly anyone get rejection . For this round, you just need to talk with confidence,

you must have the better communication skills, you must be able to express yourself clearly.

So the questions .. :

1.  How was your day ?? Introduce yourself.

2.  Why do you want to join cognizant ?? (Popular ques..for any company )

3.  Tell me about your family. (Popular .. )

4.  What is your final year project ?? Tell me in brief. (Most important.. )

5.  Are you doing it alone or in group ??

– I said in group ..

6.  How flexible are you in group ??

7.  Are you fine with relocation, work in shift, different domain ??

–  Always say “YES” .. because sometimes “NO” becomes the reason of rejection because you want                                           job first .

Then  he gave me the paper to sign and agree with the cts terms and conditions .. !!

And after some day … I come to know that I got SELECTED !!  🙂

Thank You ..  I hope it help someone, somewhere in this planet .

Good Luck !!  🙂

Author of this post : Rohan Anand of St Thomas’ College, Kolkata

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