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Cognizant Interview Experience | On-Campus
  • Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2020

Round 1:Online Exam

The first round consists of basic aptitude, some technical questions, and programming (coding) questions. This round was very easy and if you successfully executed all the test cases in the coding round, then congrats, you have cleared online round (maximum possibility).

I’ll rate the difficulty of this round as 4/10.

Round 2:Technical Interview

The interviewer was very strict as he wanted all the answers to be accurate.

1) He asked me about Ethical Hacking bcoz I have done training in Cybersecurity. He asked me about basic attacks like SQL Injection, Session Hijacking attacks, etc. I gave him all the answers but he was not fully satisfied. I tried my best there. :-p

2) Then he asked me about my project. This time he was impressed with my work as my project was very good. My project was based on Digital Ordering System.

3) Then he asked me some questions related to DBMS. Questions were on queries like find 2nd highest salary of employee, Views and its types, Normalisation, etc.

4) Then he asked questions on Data Structures and he told me that DS is his personal favourite subject. He gave me a paper and asked me to write codes-

I) Deletion from a tree

II) Tree traversal(inorder, preorder, postorder and level-order)

III) Detection of loop in LinkedList

IV) If loop detected, then find the begin point of loop

V) Then remove the loop from the Linked List.

I wrote all the codes correctly. Luckily he didn’t asked me anything from Graphs, Segment tree and Trie. 😀

Then he said, “I’ve done my evaluation. Do you have any questions for me”. I asked him few questions about the company and their work environment.

Then he asked me to wait for the results.

It was nearly 50 min interview.

I’ll rate difficulty of this round as 7/10 as I was not expecting that level questions on DS.

Round 3:HR Interview

After 30 min of TI, results were announced and I was the selected one 😀

HR round was formality. She asked me basic HR questions like-

1) Tell me about yourself.

2) Why Cognizant?

3) Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

Then my interview was over. It was hardly 10 min round.

I’ll rate difficulty of this round as 2/10.

I was selected 🙂 

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