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Cognizant Interview Experience for Programmer

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 25 May, 2021

Round 1(Aptitude): Difficulty Level-Moderate

  • It’s a written round with 50 MCQ.
  • There were two parts General Aptitude and Verbal English.


  • I would like to tell you that, you can practice aptitude from many online aptitude websites. Example: indiabix. Or you can follow any Arihant reasoning books.
  • For the verbal part, please understand the basic English grammatical rules, and followed by daily English newspaper reading will be beneficial.

Round 2(Technical): The interviewer takes out my resume and asked questions about whatever I have written on it.

  1. What is DBMS?
  2. What is RDBMS?
  3. Difference between them? Explain with an example.
  4. What is a pointer? Example.
  5. What * denotes in int *p;?
  6. Write the logic of Bubble Sort?
  7. Write the logic to find the length of a string without using the string function?
  8. What is a server?
  9. What is multiple hosting?
  10. Asked some SQL query?
  11. How does a java program run?


  • Use examples while explaining any topic but don’t use unnecessary examples which you are not confident.
  • In my case, I am able to tell only 8 questions correctly. But the rest questions I tried. Never say no directly, try to tell something and ask it’s correct or not. If it is not correct then escape.

Round 3(HR): She asked me the below questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Tell 5min on Demonetisation?
  3. Rate yourself out of 10, Your confidence?
  4. Do you have any location problems?
  5. If you got the job what you will do and if not, then what you will do?


  • In this round, my newspaper reading helps me a lot.
  • Try to be practical here. As I answered the last question,
  • If I will get the job, first I celebrate with my family and then I will start to revise C, SQL, Java, and DS.
  • If I will not get the job, the next day onwards I will search for another job.

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