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Cognizant Interview Experience for 2020 Passout-BATCH

Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2019
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I got a chance to sit for the recruitment process of COGNIZANT (2020). This was an ON-CAMPUS Drive which took place in our own college. So let’s begin the discussion.

Round 1: The first round was an aptitude round which was conducted by COGNIZANT in collaboration with AMCAT. It was an online test. And there’s one condition in this test, i.e you cant go back to the question you visited once. So always keep that in mind. Out of 220 candidates, only 130 cleared the aptitude test. Now coming to the sections, it consisted of three sections:

  1. Verbal
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Advanced Quantitative
  4. Automata Fix

Let’s start from the Verbal section. This section is one of the scoring sections in AMCAT. If you have a good grip over vocabulary, it will be very easy for you to clear the cut-off. I will suggest you read as many English articles as possible. And try to know new words. This will help you very much. If you want a book to go through, I will suggest you: Verbal Ability and Reasoning Comprehension by Arun Sharma. This book will help you to gain good knowledge over different varieties of words. This Verbal section was more or less easy.  Just try to read as many English articles as possible. It will boost your comprehension skills.

Let’s come to the logical reasoning section. Practice as many logical questions as possible. Just hit it up as “Logical Reasoning Questions ” in Google, and try to solve randomly. Do as much practice as you can. This section is totally depending upon your practice. More you practice, less time you will take to solve. So practice harder. I will recommend you: DL and LR by Arun Sharma.

Let’s come to the quantitative part. This section is also depending upon practice. You should not allocate more than 1 min to each question. You have to prepare yourself as if you should be able to solve each questions within 1 min. So practice as many questions as possible. Just try to take any questions from google and solve it.

Now coming to the hardest section. I actually faced a lot of troubles in this section. As I am in good in Python, I use to code least in C. I didn’t prepare myself for this section. It’s a debugging section. A snippet of code in C will be given. You just have to debug it for making it error-free. There will be 7 problems. You have to solve at least 1 in order to get selected. I myself solved 2 problems there. You will get the whole demo of this Automata Fix on Youtube. Just hit it up there. Practice as much coding as possible.

Round 2: Technical Round: As this was an on-campus placement, the interview took place in our own college. There were 20 technical panels and 3 HR panels. So let’s begin:

I: Good Afternoon Sir.

TR: So, tell me about yourself.

I: Said an already prepared answer including hobbies, experience, and family.

TR: Okay. So in which subjects you are good at.

I: DBMS and OOPs

TR: Okay so can you tell me the difference between encapsulation and abstraction.

I. Explained along with real-life examples.

TR: Write a code regarding encapsulation

I. Wrote in Python and explained each line.

TR: Write a code to print the first 10 prime numbers in any language you want.

I. Wrote it in C as well as python.

TR: Please increase efficiency.

I: Did

TR: Print this star pattern:

I: Did in python.

TR: Okay I am done with you. If you have any questions, you can ask me.

I: Asked about my JOB role.

TR: Explained.

I. Thank you.

Round 3: HR: Among 130 candidates, only 90 candidates could make it to the HR round. And luckily I was one of them. So here’s how it started.

I: Good Evening Sir.

TR: Good evening. So I am seeing an achievement in your CV. Can you explain it?

I: Sure Sir. I had applied on Internshala for Campus Ambassador of IIM Bangalore and got selected. And after my selection, another telephonic interview took place in which out of 1500 campus ambassadors, 20 Event Co-ordinators got selected. This was hiring for the management of an Entrepreneurship Summit which used held every year at IIM Bangalore. So after the completion of the event, I was declared as the Star Performer.

TR: And what about your experience at DailyHunt.

I: Sir, I just completed my internship at Dailyhunt. There I was working on a PUGC (Professionally Curated User-generated Content )Platform as a Multimedia Content Management Intern. My task was to collect, analyze and curate content for that upcoming platform which is going to be hosted on DAilyhunt news application in the month of November.

TR: Oh! That’s great. So, by looking at your Cv, you have really good managerial skills. So are you planning to do an MBA?

I: No, sir I haven’t planned for it yet. But yes, I will definitely do my MBA in the future.

TR: Go through these terms and conditions and sign here.( Gave me a document which consisted of certain terms and conditions of the Company)

TR: You can go now.


So, here was my interview experience at COGNIZANT. I gave my interview on 6th September. And got result on 9th September about my selection. Out of 90 candidates, 81 got placed. I will suggest you be polite, be confident in your skills, and just give your best. That’s all they want from you. Cheers!!!


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