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Cognizant Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2020

I am pursuing B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

I want to share my interview experience with the cognizant requirement process. Since this is my first(successful) interview experience so it is very special to me.

First Round: It was all about aptitude and coding questions. I took that online exam on AMCAT platform(Cognizant uses AMCAT platform for aptitude exams). I performed well and I got selected for Genc next position. 

Second Round: The second round was a coding round and I did my best but unfortunately, I could not crack it. I had still a chance to appear in Interview round for Genc position. Some days, I had an interview invite from cognizant. The interviewer was very polite and nice. In starting, he asked some basic questions so that I can feel comfortable. Then he asked some technical questions like:

  1. What is a circular linked list?
  2. What are interrupts and they are handled?
  3. Difference between Primary key d foreign key?
  4. What is try and except?
  5. What is RDBMS?
  6. How do u handle the pressure?
  7. What will u do if some of your colleagues do not do their work sincerely?
  8. Why do you want to join cognizant? 

The interview duration was about 35 mins.

On 21 December, I got an email from my college TnP department that I was selected incognizant.

So this all about my cognizant interview experience.

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