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Cognizant Interview Experience

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Hello Geeks,

I am a graduate in Bachelor’s of Commerce with specialization in Business Analytics. (Batch 2017-2020)

Few months back I attended an On-Campus interview for the post Programmer trainee at Cognizant.

Since it was as an On-Campus drive we were not aware about the job role initially. The Selection process was divided into three rounds. i.e. Aptitude test, Technical HR Round and HR round.


In this round we had 60 minutes of time to answer questions online. The following are the syllabus that were found during the test.

1. Logical reasoning

2. Verbal Ability

3. Quantitative aptitude

From the above topics the questions were quite easy to crack.

SUGGESTIONS: Focus on any two topics that you find easier and keep practicing with geeks quiz.


Here, the Technical HR will be in-charge to question the candidate. Before entering into this round the candidate must have a cool and accurate CV with them. Most of the questions are asked only from the details that we furnish in our resume. The below listed are the questions examined during this session:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Questions from your certifications done.

3. (Example: If you won in an essay writing event. The HR will be interested to knew about the topic and content that you delivered in the event).

4. Experience about the Internship.(if we have done).

5. Give some examples for the soft skills that you have entered in your resume.

(Example: If you have given leadership as your soft skill, then give some catchy examples that somewhere you have proved to be a nice leader).

Then comes the technical session: The HR will question you from the software/project done with that you have mentioned in your CV.

6. Basics of each software or programming language you mentioned.

(Example: I mentioned some languages like Python, R Programming etc also Basics of DBMS, SQL,MS-Excel etc.).

SUGGESTIONS: Mention technical skills that you are able to answer. Try to avoid giving brief note about the question. Be clear and precise. Be confident while answering, take your time and deliver the correct answer. Also train yourself by answering questions


The final round was HR round. Once you clear the above rounds be confident about yourself to answer this round. Here are few questions that were asked during HR round.  

1. Tell me about yourself

(SUGGESTION: Try to mention all your details in short that must include the following: Name, location, schoolings with percentage, graduation with percentage, family members, co-curricular activities, accolades, soft skills, technical skills, strength and weakness)

2. Will you be able to work in different location apart from your current residence also with different shift timings?

OVERALL SUGGESTION: Be confident. Be polite and Be honest in your answers. And yes follow GeeksforGeeks so you can also share your experience with the world via

Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2020
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