Cognizant Interview Experience

College : KNIT Sultanpur UP

Stream : Computer Science and Engg.

Round 1:

Round one is Online Test through AMCAT with Web came Enable (web cam shot picture which take picture with some duration which are shown in your document verification Phase, if any other person founded in those picture shoot then you will not allow for Interview process )

it have Good English Questions, Quantitative and Logical Questions, Programming Debugging and Function Completion questions if solve any one coding Question your chance to be selected but you should strong way QA ENGLISH   Logical Questions .

After Qualifying first Round you should receive SMS and Mail through AMCAT when your interview schedule and which Location.

Round 2:

(Level of Question is Normal)

Technical Round 

In this Questions asked

1- Tell me About something yourself?

2-  your projects ?

3-what is JDBC ? also connectivity code?

4-Why Java support Pointer Concepts?

After asking above Question which Programming Language  you know give i give C, Java, Python

5- Rate your Java out of 5?

6- Java use call by value or by reference? writer program call by value and call by reference (i used c programming)

Then interview asked  Do you Operating System Concepts…. i said yes

7 Tell me about semaphore?

8 why use semaphore?

9 What is sorting?

10 Give me choice writing a program of any Sorting which you like

it take good time as other college friends and interviews was impressed

i also shocked

I clear this rounds

Round 3: (HR Round)

1 . Where are you from?

2.. How many project you have done?

3. Rate your Communication Skill

4. Do have any question form us?

In last Question i asked why CTS not go for Product Based environment even have strong R&D?

they Explain but i thinking my rejection point was my last Question…………

Finally, i am  not selected but it was a great Experience.

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