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Cognizant Interview Experience 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 25 Dec, 2020
Geek Week

Cognizant visited our college campus after many years and thus we were guided by our TPOs very carefully with the application process. At first, a list of eligible candidates was published by the college. Then we were to create an account in AMCAT with our mail id. The registration process was to be completed by 4th December 2020. After that, the list of shortlisted candidates was published and an online exam was conducted on the AMCAT platform between 18th October to 19th October.

Round 1(Online Assessment MCQ test): The pattern was similar to that of AMCAT. It consisted of different modules:

  • Aptitude(70 mins)
  • Automata fix(20 mins)
  • Narrative(30 mins)

Round 2(Technical Interview): Results for the MCQ test were declared via TPO on 23rd November 2020. Before that students who were eligible for GenC Next had their exams. Our interview was conducted on SmartMeet. It was a 45 minutes interview. Below are the questions I was asked:

  1. How was your day?
  2. Kindly sent your CV.
  3. Introduce yourself.
  4. Since you are good with DBMS so you must be knowing SQL.So explain different joins.
  5. Table A has 300 tuples, table B has 200 and among them, 100 were unique i.e. matching. So if I want all the matching tuples and the rest of the tuples of table B then which join should be used, explain.
  6. Explain a project that you did during the curriculum.
  7. Difference between PL/SQL and MySQL.
  8. Since you know Java as well, explain the difference between Overloading and Overriding.
  9. Where did you use Java in your projects?
  10. Write a code to print your name in vertical order.
  11. Write a code to count the occurrence of a given word in a PDF.
  12. If you are relocated to Cochin, how would I manage?
  13. Suppose you have planned for a weekend at home and already booked the tickets but at the last time, you get a call for some work from the office? What will you do?
  14. Tell me about a difficult situation in your life and how did you overcome it.
  15. Do you have any questions for me?
  • I asked :
    • How was my performance?
    • How can I improve myself?

Result: Selected(GenC profile).

Results were declared on 20th December 2020.

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