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Cognizant GenC Next Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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Cognizant was hiring from on-campus through the Digital Nurture learning platform. Digital Base 2 students were eligible for the Genc next profile.

Round 1: It was a 2 hours exam that consists of questions on

  • Java
  • HTML,CSS, JavaScript
  • C#

The students need to secure 60% in this round and then they were eligible for round 2(Digital Base 2)

Round 2: This round was also of 2 hours which consists of questions on

  • Advance Java(OOPs concept, JDBC, JUnit, Collections, Lambda Functions)
  • Pl/SQL
  • MCQ on Advance java, RDBMS, Web, and Cloud Computing.

After this round students were selected for the Genc next technical interview.

Round 3: Technical Round Interview

My interview was fully based on Java as the role was for the Java Developer.

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Explain Oops concept
  • Type of Polymorphism with example
  • Difference between method overloading and method overriding
  • Access modifiers in java
  • Difference between abstract and interface
  • Are multiple inheritances possible in java? Reason
  • Write a program for the Fibonacci series using objects and classes
  • Write a program using ArrayList to print the even no from 1 to n.
  • New Features of Java 8?
  • Final keyword
  • Collection framework?
  • List the names of classes and interfaces in the collection framework
  • What do you understand by this code


final int i = 5;
final Employee ob = new Employee();

  • How will we design a table for students and Department such that we can access data from both the tables together?
  • Any Questions the interviewer asked?
  • Ended

Round 4: HR Round

  • It was basically a document verification round in which they will check your 10th mark sheet, Aadhar card, and pan card. And that’s it for the HR round.

Tips: My interviewer just asked questions in java from basic to depth. So you have to be proficient with java as he was giving me code snippet and was asked about the errors and also what will happen if he alters that. And also in-depth questions were asked from inheritance. But, many of my friend’s interview was not fully based on java, but yes oops concept was asked.

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