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Cognizant GenC Next Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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Hello everyone,

In this Cognizant GenC next profile, there are 3 rounds had happened, and it happens via Superset.

ROUND 1: This round was online assessment round, which consist of 5 parts-

  • Part 1: It consist of aptitude, reasoning, DSA based MCQs
  • Part 2: It consist of HTML, CSS, JavaScipt, C++, Java-based MCQs
  • Part 3: It consists of 2 coding questions (Easy, Medium), and we need to solve them in 30 mins.
  • Part 4: It consists of 2 coding questions (Medium, Hard), and we need to solve them in 45 mins.
  • Part 5: It consist of 2 SQL query questions (Easy, Medium).

ROUND 2: This round is Technical Interview round. Interviewer asked me some questions –

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What do you know about calloc, malloc in C language?
  3. He asked me that do you know Java. I said, I only know basics only then he asked me questions on C++ only.
  4. What are OOPs concepts.
  5. Explain encapsulation.
  6. Explain abstraction.
  7. Write a program that return the frequencies of all letters in a string.
  8. What is function overloading and function overriding.
  9. Difference between shallow copy and deep copy.
  10. Do you have any questions.

ROUND 3: This round is Document verification round by HR, and she asked some questions –

  1. How many foreign languages you know.
  2. Can you join our internship program in your 8th semester.
  3. Do you have any questions.

She verified my Aadhar number, PAN number and 10th marksheet.

After a week, I got selection mail from TPO.


  1. Be confident throughout the interview.
  2. Never lie in front of the interviewer. If you don’t know the answer to any question, then simply say “I don’t know”. Don’t waste the interviewer’s time.

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