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Cognizant GenC Next Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021
Geek Week

Cognizant recruits based on three profiles:

  1. GenC 
  2. GenC Elevate 
  3. GenC Next 

The process consists of three rounds – 

Round 1(Online Assessment): It consists of a 3-hour long test.

  • The test comprises of two MCQ sections[General Apti + Coding Apti], two Hands-On-Programming[2 Coding questions on each section] sections, one SQL query section.
  • The Coding questions section consisted of a Modular Exponentiation question, a Dynamic Programming question,a Sliding Window question, a Number theory question.
  • Tip: If you can solve at-least 3 coding questions, you will get a GenC Next Interview Call. So, It’s a plus one if you are a good coder.

Round 2(Technical Interview): The Interview lasts for around 40-50 mins max. 

  • It started with the most infamous questions, ” Tell me something about yourself ?”
  • Tip: Tell them more about your projects.
  • Next, they asked me questions on DBMS, OOP, Java/C++.
  • Tip: Before Interview, Google “Top 50 interview questions on DBMS, OOP, Java, C++”. You will find most of the questions come from the 1st and 2nd website on Google.
  • Then, He asked me about all the technologies I used in my projects.
  • I tried answering all his queries.
  • Then, He gave me a Coding question to solve. It was Target sum classical problem.
  • Told him the logic, wrote the code.
  • Then, He asked me to write a SQL Query.
  • Did it half- correct.
  • Then, He tried validating all the things written in my resume is correct or not.
  • Done.

There’s another round which they call it HR Round.

I would say it is more of a verification round.

The person came and asked me to show Aadhar Card, PAN Card just to verify my details.

Now, you are done.

P.S. – I was selected for GenC Next. So, this interview experience is solely for GenC Next. For GenC Elevate there is another HR Round to confirm if you will join company or not and some other basic questions.

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