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Cognizant GenC Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2021

Difficulty: Easy

Cognizant visited our campus in the last week of August. Before going into the actual process, they kept a coding test of 3 questions saying it as a mock test, so most of us took it lightly and haven’t even attempted. But that’s the round where they shortlisted the students to apply for the GenC Next role.

Now the actual process started,

Round 1: 

  • Aptitude test lasting for 1hour consisting of all basic questions which you can find most of the exact questions in google itself.
  • After a week, they shortlisted the students for the Technical round who got above 60% in the exam. And those who got above 90% were shortlisted for the coding round, consisting of 3 medium ranged questions, need to complete within an hour, for GenC Elevate Role. 
  • Luckily I was also the one who got into the coding round but was rejected in that round since I did only 1 question. 

Round 2: Technical interview 

So, they demoted me to the GenC role and scheduled GenC interview the very next day via superset portal. Here again, we can have a chance to get Elevate role based on the performance in Tr.

  • Introduce myself- done
  • Asked me a simple basic Aptitude question on Profit and losses- done
  • Again a basic but logical question( what percentage of unit digits numbers as 2,8 are present in between 1 to 40?)- Firstly I didn’t understood the question, so she explained it with normal words stating( how many ones digit as 2 or 8 are there in between 1- 40, I counted and said 8(2,8,12,18,22,28,32,38). And what’s the percentage of it in 40 she asked, embarrassingly  I replied 20% as the answer. At that moment I thought I will get rejected anyway, for not answering a simple question. So, I chilled out with interviewer(I mean being funny and not thinking as an interview).
  • Then she asked which programming language you are comfortable at- and I said python. So, she opened the code editor which was inbuilt present in superset portal itself.
  • Asked me to add two numbers using python and execute, I just stared at her for a moment as its a very very basic code that even a small kid can do…I think she was thinking that I don’t even know the basics. I just wrote the code in one line and executed it.
  • Then she asked me to print Fibonacci series until 20- done
  • And then she asked me to tell the whole thing about Oops its features and their uses- Explained
  • Then she asked me whether I know cloud computing or not- I said no, I don’t have much idea about that.
  • That’s it, finally she said all the best for results.

After 2 days, I got the mail scheduling Hr interview for the GenC role the next day.

Round 3: HR Round

  • I think it’s best to say it as a document verification round.
  • She just asked me to show the 10th marks sheet, Pan Card, and my collage id through webcam.
  • Then after that, Whether I am comfortable with relocation and night shifts Always say yes for this, no matter what.
  • Then she asked me, whether I know any foreign languages I said: “No mam, unfortunately I don’t know any but I will learn them definitely in future.”
  • And that’s it. At last, She said Thank you charan, and disconnected the call.


  • Solid Understanding in Oops Concepts, if possible learn basic SQL queries.
  • Basic Programming 
  • Basic Aptitude
  • Last but not the least, Just think of it as a small formal conversation that’s it.

Thank you

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