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Cognizant Genc Interview Experience 2021

Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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Round 1: Round1 is an Aptitude round that is on the Amcat platform. This round consists of four sections namely.

  • Quant (24 questions 35 minutes)
  • Logical (25 questions 35 minutes)
  • Code debugging (7 questions 20 minutes)
  • Essay question for 15 minutes.

Round 2: Based on your performance you are eligible for GenC Next interview or GenC interview, I am selected for GenC. The interview is scheduled after 2 weeks of the exam, and we get our mails of the interview one day before.

The interview was scheduled on the Amcat Platform. In an interview there are also three sections like first they will ask you questions regarding your academics i.e Technical Questions, they are given some Aptitude questions for solving, and then HR questions. These rounds are combined into one interview for about 40 minutes.

The interviewer is on time, and he told me his name and told me that he is going to take first TR, then Aptitude, and the HR.

Here is my whole Interview: 

He started with tell me Something about you. Then following Technical questions were asked:

1. Tell me About Your Minor and Major project.

2. Can You Elaborate Major Project?

3. What is (A Personal Website created by me.)

4. Did You hosted in alone?

5. Tell me entire Process of Web Hosting?

6. Why don’t you hosted your website on cloud platform like AWS and Azure.

7. Are you aware about Python?

8. What is Django?

9. Enlist the Technologies used in this website.

10. What is Bootstrap?

11. What is PHP and MySQL?

12. Write Syntax to update column properties.

13. How will you combine two languages?

14. Write the code in chat box to combine two languages.

15. Give me the steps to create this Query sheet form (A form used in my website)

16. How will you retrieve the values submitted by this form?

17. Why you use only RDBMS in your Website?  

18. Tell me the OSI layers?

19. In which layer is HTML in OSI model.

20. Tell me basic pillars of oops technology?

21. What is the main difference between JAVA and CPP.

22. He gave me a JAVA code and ask me to write output of particular code.(Code is basically on inherited classes)

23. Explain me the logic behind your output.

24. Then he gave me two aptitude questions and ask me to solve them within 3 minutes.

Aptitude questions:

A) In a bank there are three types of coins, 1rupee, 3rupee, 5rupee in the ratio of 3:4:5 respectively. The total value is Rs 1450. The total number of coins is?

B) A does a work in 12 days and B does the same work in 18 days. In how many days they together will do the same work?

Then He asked me following HR questions:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Why you choose Cognizant?

3. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years.

4. Tell me an incident which defines that you are a lead person.

5. What if we assign you a project which is not relevant to your skills.

These are some points which defines why were I selected:

1. I was well prepared for Aptitude.

2. I am good in coding which helps to solve automata questions and one JAVA code asked in interview.

3. I am well versed in basics of core subjects like DBMS, DS, OOPS, JAVA, CPP, Web Technology.  

4. I have full knowledge of my projects and internships.

5. I deed a lot practice of Interview with my friends by giving technical and HR interviews to my friends daily.

The interview is easy you just need to know about the basics of new technologies, your project, and about cognizant. I hope you liked the experience if you like it doesn’t forget to comment.

Thanks for reading.

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