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Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience

Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2021
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Digital Nurture Program is an All India on-campus program with partner colleges of Cognizant launched in April 2021 for the YOP 2022 and it ended in August 2021. There are three-part of the hiring process of the program

  1. Self Learning and Assessments,
  2. Integrated Capability Test (ICT) consisting all the modules of the learning phase,
  3. Interview (TR and HR).

Round 1: Self Learning and Assessments:

During this phase, there were 7 modules. 1 non-technical module that consists of soft skills and 6 technical modules consisting

  1. Foundation (Software Engineering, OOP, Computer Network Basics, etc),
  2. Web (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap),
  3. RDBMS (Oracle SQL),
  4. Java (Basics, String, Arrays, OOP, etc),
  5. C# (Basics, String, Arrays, OOP, etc),
  6. Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP).

There was one exam after completion of each module, a total of 7 tests. It was completely self-paced 160 hours of material. The maximum time to finish this was around 12-14 weeks. Although I had completed it in 2 weeks and I was at National Top (Rank 1) among 26k+ students.

Round 2: Integrated Capability Test (ICT):

After successful completion of all the modules, we have to give a test consisting of all the modules. It was a fully proctored assessment. The duration was 3 hours and there were questions from all the modules. It was conducted around 13th June 2021. (There were more slots for those who missed it).


Round 3: Technical Round

The Technical Interview was conducted on 24th August 2021. It was conducted on the Superset platform.

My Technical Interview was 45min long. The flow of the interview was like –

  1. At first, he asked me to introduce myself.
  2. He asked me about my projects and also asked me to explain one.
  3. He asked me about my internship experience (that I had done with TCS) and my role during the internship.
  4. He asked me about my favorite module in the learning phase (I had mentioned Java, C#, RDBMS, Software Engineering).
  5. He asked questions on java, especially on OOPs concept, String, Array, etc. Also, he had asked 3-4 simple coding questions (eg. Count vowels in your name).
  6. He took C# and asked few questions on the dot net framework and C# (Basic questions).
  7. Then he moved to RDBMS and asked me which things I know about RDBMS. He started asking use of all the major keywords. Then asked few questions on Join and Sub-query. Asked few simple queries (eg. one table has 1,2,3,4,5 and another has 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. How can I get distinct items of the second table.)
  8. After RDBMS he asked questions on Software Engineering. He asked the stages of software engineering, methods followed in general, and some questions on testing.

That was my technical interview round and the interviewer was very supportive all the time. It was really a great interview experience. After completion of the interview, the interviewer told me that it was a nice one and also asked me to wait for further notification.

Round 4: HR Round

My HR interview was about to happen on the same day, but it was rescheduled and finally, I had my HR Round on 27th August 2021 (I got the rescheduled date on 24th). It was basically a Document verification round. The HR told me about company policies, asked me whether I know any foreign languages, whether I want to do an internship with Cognizant, and verified my AADHAR Card, PAN Card, 10th mark sheet.


  • Keep a strong grip on OOP, DBMS, and at least String and Arrays in DSA. Practice basic Algorithms (searching, sorting, prime number, palindrome, reverse a string/number, etc ). Be confident during the interview and keep a natural smile on your face. If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t waste time and tell your interviewer that you don’t know.
  • If your college is a part of the Cognizant Digital Nurture program, DON’T miss it. It will beneficial for your further placements as well. You will learn a lot of industry-oriented things. Most importantly do the whole thing on your own and be confident. The support team was awesome during the learning phase as well, in fact if we got stuck in any question they provided proper solutions and told the mistakes we had done.
  • I was the National Top Learner of the program till the end. I had applied for GenC Elevate profile and got the offer on 7th September,2021. After completion of the program you will definitely realise it’s impact on your life [in fact I also got attached with Cognizant emotionally for this program].

All the Best!

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