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Cognizant Genc Elevate Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2021
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Round 1: Registration Process

We have to Register on the SuperSet platform and apply for GenC next job in Job Profiles. Select your job role wisely, It asks for 10th, 12th, Graduation Marks, Certifications in C/C++, Java, Python, SQL, etc.. and Advanced Certifications in Numpy, Pandas, etc.

Round 2: Online Assessment Process

Online Exam held in Mettl Safe Browser(MSB).Exam Consists of 7 Sections

Duration: 3 Hours

  • Section 1 to Section 4 consists of 20-25 MCQs on Java/C/C++/Python, Web Technologies, OOPS, CN, OS, DBMS, Pseudo codes, Data Structures, etc.
  • Section 5 consists of 2 Programming Questions of Easy to Medium level
  • Section 6 consists of 2 Programming Questions of Medium to Hard level
  • Section 7 consists of 2 DBMS queries where Database Schema is given to us

Within a week Results will be announced by TPO and Call for Interview in SuperSet Platform

Round 3: TR Interview Process:

  • We should join to interview before 10 mins
  • Me: Good Afternoon Sir
  • He: Good Afternoon. How are you and How are you doing?
  • Me: Good Sir. What about you? Thank you.
  • He: Good. Thank You
  • He: Tell Me About Yourself.
  • Me: Answered!!
  • Tip: while answering please show up about your projects and internships
  • What is your curriculum or what are the subjects you have?
  • What does DSP contain? DSP is the subject I said before the question
  • What Made you learn to program as you are from ECE Background
  • About Projects and Internships
  • How a hyperlink is created for
  • How to add a picture which is located on a desktop to my webpage?
  • How to add background Images to my webpage?
  • How to create a table?
  • How to change the border color of the table?
  • Difference between Normal link and Active link
  • Questions asked in DBMS:
A table is given
t1=id, name
t2=id, course
t3=id, marks
  • Write a query to fetch all the unique names who are marks are in the range of 70 to 90 and from the CSE course
  • Top 5 students from the above query
  • Sort by names in descending order in the above query
  • Difference between union and union all
  • Questions asked in Python
  • Difference between lists and tuples
  • Write a program to modify the element in tuple where the tuple is a=(1,2,3) output to be a=(1,2,5)
  • Write a program to find all primes in the range of 20 to 40
  • Tell about enumerate, zip, and unzip in python
  • Do you know about NumPy, pandas, etc..
  • Is Python supports main method like java, c, c++? justify your answer.
  • What is overriding?
  • Write a program for overriding!!
  • He: Done with Interview, Have any Questions?
  • Me: Asked 2-3 questions

Tip: If you don’t know the answer, the answer doesn’t know politely but don’t hesitate to answer don’t know . Within 2-3 days results will be announced and the HR Interview schedule will be published by TPO

Round 4: HR Interview Process

  • Joined before 10 mins in SuperSet Platform
  • She: Do you complete the Technical Interview?
  • Me: Answered
  • She: Share Screen and Show your 10th memo, Aadhar Card, PAN Card
  • Me: Shared
  • She explained about Cognizant
  • She: Do you know any foreign languages?
  • Me: Answered
  • She: Are you ready to work as FTE in the 8th semester?
  • Me: Answered
  • She: Feedback about the Process
  • Me: Answered
  • She: Thank you. we are done with the interview
  • Results announced in 2 days by TPO

Verdict: Selected for GenC Elevate

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