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Cognizant Digital Nurture 2.0 Java Interview Experience 2022

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  • 10th,12th/diploma, Btech – above 70%
  • No Active backlogs for current academics

Detailed Recruitment Procedure: Candidates need to register on the superset platform. All the communications of the entire process will be floated on this platform only.

Phase 1: Resume Shortlisting: After the Application is received by the cognizant, candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their resume for Java Developer.

Phase 2 (2 hours): Cognitive + Technical Assessment – It Contains the Following Sections

  • MCQ on Quantitative Aptitude, Logical , English, computer fundamentals (Medium)
  • 2 Java coding Questions (Array, String, Graph-based Medium Level)
  • 1 SQL query (Medium level)
  • 1 JavaScript code (Easy Level)
  • JQuery and UI/UX MCQ (10-15 Questions)

Platform: Mettl browser: This Assessment was conducted on 20 March 2022

Phase 3: Acquiring Deep skill Stage

  • Shortlisted Students will undergo for deep skill stage where they need to learn lots of modules of advanced java.
  • It is a 2-3 month learning program. Here you have to do hands-on practice on advanced java concepts and need to submit assignments.
  • After successful completion of all modules, you will be shortlisted for Technical Interview.

Phase 4: Technical Interview (50 min – 1 hour)

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell me about your projects. Explain 1 project in detail
  • Rate yourself out of 5 for java (Please be honest they are going to test accordingly)
  • What is OOP? What is encapsulation? Tell a real-time example of encapsulation
  • What is inheritance
  • Tell me about polymorphism
  • Asked to write code for operator overloading in java (This was tricky)
  • Asked me to write the code for method overloading
  • Asked me code for travel booking using OOP concepts.
  • What is package
  • What is an abstract class
  • What is the interface? Difference between abstraction and interface
  • Explain Java collections
  • List out collection classes and interfaces
  • Explain hashmap. What is a tree map?
  • Rate yourself out of 5 for Python
  • Rate yourself out of 5 for SQL
  • What are DBMS and SQL? Need of DBMS.
  • what is joining? Explain all types of joins
  • Gave me 2 simple SQL queries
  • At last, he asked, “Do you have any questions for me?”

As My role was java developer, so he asked almost everything about basic java. This interview was conducted on 01 July 2022

Phase 5: HR Interview (20 min)

This interview was conducted on 08 July 2022. As this was an HR round they asked a few basic HR questions.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain 1 project
  • Which latest technology excites you more?
  • Pros and cons of virtual learning
  • Do you have a passport?
  • Do you able to work in any location?
  • Do you speak any foreign languages?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

This was the last round of the recruitment process.

Verdict: Selected

After 1 month, results are published. I got the result on 2 August 2022,

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Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2022
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