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Coder’s Journey featuring Shreyansh Pandey (Software Developer at Amazon)

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Coder’s journey covers the experience of programming experts across the globe. With coder’s journey, GeeksforGeeks aims to deliver practical guidance to all young programmers and assist them in launching their dream careers.

Shreyansh is an Engineering Graduate from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology and is currently working as a Software Developer at Amazon. He has also worked with Coding Ninjas and CodeChef as a Teaching Assistant. Shreyansh was a former Intern at GeeksforGeeks as a Technical Content Engineer and worked. Apart from programming, he likes to play Console Games and is a Tech enthusiast. He believes that one must follow the principles like Ownership and Bias for Action which will eventually lead to successful results.

When and How did “being a programmer” strike you as a perfect career choice? 

Actually, It’s a fascinating story. In 2015, when I joined NSIT, Delhi, on the very first day I got to know that a few students from my college bagged a hefty offer from companies belonging to the Software Industry. It was everywhere in the news that “8 kids from NSIT got an offer of 1.25 cr.”. Having no knowledge at that time (as I didn’t have Computer Science in my School), I thought why do these companies are giving so much money to college pass-outs or “Kids” as written all over the news. After this, I decided to have a look to understand what exactly is Programming. So, this is the point where it all began. What started with a news article out of curiosity led me to dive deep in coding after which I started to enjoy solving problems and using Data Structures and Algorithms to the extent that I finally decided to make a career out of it.

You worked as a Technical Engineer at GeeksforGeeks. How did that experience help you in your journey?

Working at GeeksForGeeks was an absolute fun journey. At the very first day, I was really nervous as how will it go, as GFG is such a huge website but as soon as I met with all the Team Members, I was overwhelmed with the hard work and dedication with which all the teams worked to bring so much of learning material in a single platform. Being a learner from GFG myself, I was extremely excited to see how the website actually operates. During the internship period, I got to learn and work in all the latest Industry-leading Tech stack and was fortunate enough to contribute my learning for the company. During the course, I got highly skilled Mentors and friends with whom I interact with till date. Surely, working at GFG gave me all the experience and learning which helped me at later stages of my career as well.

What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it? 

I would not say Failure but a valuable learning experience for me was the “Placement Season”. As most of the Juniors I interact with always ask for suggestions to tackle Mental or Peer pressure and stress during the Placement season I would like to touch base on this. During my time, at first, I was extremely confident that I’ll be able to crack any company that I want and will beat the competition but when I left my Hostel room at the first day of the season to reach the Auditorium, I saw almost 400 students thinking the same who are equally skilled and talented. Then I got my first rejection, then second, then third. I was not able to understand where I’m going wrong. Eventually, I started developing a sense of fear that maybe all the hard work was not enough but after few more rejections when it became a habit of getting rejected I turned the table around and changed my thinking that nothing can go more wrong, so I just went for the Placement tests without thinking of any result and without sharing or discussing anything with the Peers. Eventually, I got my first On-Campus offer from which I was not satisfied but was happy that I have something now.

How did you bag an offer at Amazon? Could you share some tips for the same?

As I was not satisfied with my On-Campus offer and after getting so much interview experience due to all the rejections, now I knew which gaps I have to fill, basically how to present an answer in an interview, how to interact with the interviewer, and many more. As I did a lot of Competitive Programming as well, I knew exactly how I can solve these issues. So I started brushing up my coding skills further for which I used these platforms:

For Improving Data Structures and Algorithms I referred: GeeksForGeeks (Practice section and articles both) and InterviewBit

For Improving the time taken to solve the problems I referred: Codeforces

For OOPS I referred: GeeksForGeeks and StudyTonight

For OS, DBMS and Networking I referred: GeeksForGeeks and Youtube Channel – Knowledge Gate

As Amazon interviews are not a “Walk in the Park”, you have to be prepared for all the types of Technical questions that can be asked. Obviously, being a competitive programmer can help any candidate a lot in interviews as quick thinking for the problems at hand is very helpful.

What are some of your greatest achievements and what are your future goals? 

I will term my Greatest Achievement as being able to crack the interviews and working in one of my Dream Companies. Talking about Future Goals, as I’m interested in the Tech Field, I’ll continue growing in this industry and learning new Tech Stack on the way.

Shreyansh can be reached at LinkedIn

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Last Updated : 01 Jun, 2022
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