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Code Brew Labs Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021
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Good Morning Everyone. The interview that I gave in this company in Chandigarh was done in 15-20 minutes only. So let’s begin with the process of code brew labs:-

Round 1(Aptitude Test):

  1. This round was basically based on an aptitude test and this test was about 20-30 minutes and the questions were based on time and distance, Allegation and mixture, Average and then there were also some reasoning questions like blood relations, coding-decoding, and few questions were there on verbal. The level of questions was – easy – medium and most of the students got shortlisted in this round. Let’s go to the next level of the process.

NOTE – Questions were based on CAT in aptitude

Round 2(Coding Assessment):

This round was conducted on the same day only and the coding round was about 40-50 minutes. The questions level was medium-hard. All questions were based on C language and this test was also an MCQ type but the questions were long as the questions were like pseudocode, we were given a code and there were 4 options, and we need to check the output of the given code. Less number of people were shortlisted in this round and I also got shortlisted in this. Let’s have a look at some questions which were asked:-

  1. First Question


    int x = 5;  
    int* f() 
      return &x;  
      *f() = 10;
      printf("%d", x);


    a) Compile Error

    b) Runtime Error

    c) 5

    d) 10

This type of question was asked and there were around 30 questions like this only. Let’s move forward with the technical interview 

Round 3(Technical Interview):

This round was based on your technical skills and your projects that you have made in your academics. This round was around 15-20 minutes and the questions were easy-medium. Questions were based on your preferred language, your project, and oops concepts as well as Data Structures. let’s see the questions that were asked in the interview. 

  1. What is class and give a real example of class?
  2. What is encapsulation? Write a code for it.
  3. Difference between Array List and Array.
  4. Explain your Project. (NOTE – Explanation of your project should be in-depth and try to explain your project using SDLC- Software development life cycle) . Tell everything like about frontend technologies you used and for a backend which language you have used and also explain about the database if you have attached a database with your project. 
  5. Why java is not 100% object-oriented? Difference between java and C++.
  6. Binary Search and bubble sort (NOTE – Do prepare well for searching as well as sorting techniques )
  7. How can you sort the elements of an array in ascending order?
  8. Write code in C to print “hello world” without using a semicolon.

That’s it and the rest depends upon your language because my preferred language is java so they asked questions related to java. These questions are the most important questions. Only 8 students got shortlisted after this round. So let’s move to the final process 

Round 4(HR Interview):

This round was a very basic round and all of those 8 students got selected by that company including me also. The questions were very basic and the interview time was 10 minutes only and the level is easy. The questions were:-

  1. Tell me that thing about yourself that is not mentioned in your resume.
  2. Why do you want to join our organization?
  3. What type of technologies do we work on?
  4. Tell me about your family background.
  5. Are you ready to join immediately?

These were some basic questions that were asked and after one day we got the selection mail from the TPO of our college.

Hurray! We did it 

Position – Software Developer

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