Coda Global Interview Experience

Round 1: General Round

It had 43 questions containing questions from Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal, Front-end programming code snippets like HTML5, JavaScript, logical programming etc.. and the time duration was 1:45 hrs, the questions will be of different weightages based on the difficulty level, the highest mark will be 5 for a question, and it will be of multiple choice questions and there is no negative marks, the logical programming questions will be of their own type, which means there is no repeated questions.

Round 2: Technical Interview

It will be around 40 minutes for a single person, the questions asked will be based on the domain that you have said in your resume, and logical coding questions will also be asked from the topics like data structures, tree, Generics etc.

Round 3: Programming Round

Based on the domain you have to chose, you will be asked to develop an application within a given time, it will be around 3-5 hours., For example if you say your domain in artificial Intelligence then you may be asked to develop a chat bot model, or any application based program, if you chose web designing then they will ask you to develop application for bus reservation, hotel management etc., They will provide different domains.

Selection will be based on the performance, the ratio of clearing round 1 is 75:1000, second round is 17:75, third round is 3:17.

If you think you are different from others, then you are already a member of Coda

– Coda Global

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