Cloudkaptan Interview Experience On Campus`

CloudKaptan Consultancy Services Private Limited A leading IT Company  conducted an on campus recruitment drive in February 2019 for 2019 passing out B.Tech & MCA students.

Designation: Trainee Software Engineer

Detailed Recruitment Process:

Round 1 (Online Test) : 

It is an Aptitude Test consisted of

  1. Quantitative, Logical, English 20 Questions 30 Minutes
  2. Technical 20 questions 30 minutes
  • Questions are based on Core subjects of computer science (Algorithm, DS, Network, Automata, CO etc)
  1. Coding 15 questions [12 mcq + 3 program] 30 minutes consisted of output generations mcq and writing 3 programs on java

N.B No negative marking in this Round.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1):
Tips : Basic Question from Java

  1. What is Exception Handling in Java? Ways of Handling Exception Handling
  2. What is pointer? Pointer of Pointer
  3. C vs Java
  4. What is Abstraction
  5. output in c 2.33 mod 2 = ?
  6. What is modular Approach programming?
  7. What is Constructor? Purpose of using Constructor?

Round 3(HR + Technical Interview 2):

  1. Tell me something about yourself That’s Not on Your Resume
  2. As I said “i am a Django developer”, so they asked me to print hello world in Django
  3. Favorite Subject ? i said Data Structure
  4. Write a program to create linked list.(Full Code) with proper explanation.
  5. Write a program to print factorial using Tail recursion & Head recursion (Full Code)
  6. Write a program to print nth  Fibonacci Number using Function (Full Code)

Round 4 (HR/Director’s Round): Which is held on their office at Kolkata.

  1. Why your percentage is low in graduation? (My cgpa: 7.8)
  2. How much do you rate yourself in C and Java

Overall the process went well. At the end, I didn’t get selected

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