Click Labs Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Hey, i would like to contribute my experience at Click Labs, Chandigarh. Click Labs visited our campus for placement process at Chitkara University, Punjab.

There were 4 rounds.

First round
First round was subjective written paper includes questions of C,OS, DBMS, Probability and Algorithms. There were around 20 questions in first round.

From around 200 students, they shortlisted 15 students for further rounds.

Second round 
Second round was technical interview in which he asked about the projects and your role in projects. He asked questions from subjects like C,C++,DBMS,OS,DS. He asked programs of basic C and C++. He asked some difficult star patterns and queries of DBMS.

Third round
Third round was technical cum hr round in which he asked me the favourite subject and then he asked me everything about that subject. He asked basic hr questions like why should we hire you and why click labs.
Fourth round was the final confirmation round in which she asked the personal details and discuss the salary package and shifts.
My advice to candidates is to prepare all the subjects carefully and be confident in interviews. All the best !!

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