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ClearTrip Interview Experience | Set 1 (For Software Developer)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 21 Mar, 2017

1st Round (Online coding round)
2 Questions
1) Standard DP problem.

2) I don’t remember it completely. It was a recursive problem with strings.

2nd Round (F2F – 1hour)
I had a discussion with the interviewer on the projects in the resume.Then he asked few questions.

1) Design a database for a blog. Then he added further constraints and use cases.
2) Design aOOD for a Crawler.
3) Design Refactor.
4) How git rebase works?

Few questions on deployment too.

3rd Round (F2F – 1.5 hour)
Design a system like Amazon which should have a feature of recently viewed items.

The Interviewer was looking for Caching and a key-value data store.

4th Round(F2F – 1.5 hour)
1) Code Consumer Producer problem using multi-threading.
2) Many Questions on Java( From Basics to Advance level).
Example – What is JVM, String pool, Why do we need it, Swap two strings,multi-threading, OOPS concepts.

Interviewers will look for Problem-solving skills.How you are approaching the solution.They will have a long discussion on every problem.

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