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ClearTrail Technologies Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Round 1: Group Technical Question Answers Round

About 130 students participated in this round.

Groups of 10 students were made and in each group, each student was supposed to answer the question. In my group question asked           were

  •  Difference b/w linked list and array
  •  What is joins and name and differentiate between different types of joins.
  •  Some more questions on the Oops concept and operating systems were asked.

Round 2: Technical Round

About 15 students were shortlisted in this round.

Firstly, they asked me to write down some codes on the sheet one by one and explain it through a dry run covering all the boundary cases and also some other questions. Some of them which I remember are-

  • Write a program to check whether a is palindrome or not.
  • Find the value of kth bit in binary representation of a number given the number in decimal format.
  • Design a module which given the max value, min value and the value with min and max frequency of a list of infinite elements. We can’t traverse the list again and again.
  • Then they asked questions on networking.
  • After they asked about my internships and projects on which I have worked.

If they were not satisfied with the technical round they took two more technical rounds. I cleared, so I didn’t know about the questions asked there. But they were many focusing on the core knowledge of the student.

Round 3: HR Round

10 Students were shortlisted for this round.

  • Introduce your self?
  • Why do you want to join ClearTrail?
  • Tell me about the extracurricular activities or leadership achievements who have been part of it?
  • Are you ready to relocate?
  • Do you want to go for higher studies?

In this round, they were focusing on your confidence, leadership skills, and your speaking part.

And at last, they offered 6 students. 4 for Associate software engineer, 1 for QA and 1 for technical support engineer.

Don’t worry about the role offered. They will first ask you before offering you any role.

Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2020
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