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ClearTrail Interview Experience

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First Round: Group Technical Question Answers

  • what is Sorting? types, complexities, the difference between nLogn and n2, how to draw a graph of nLogn?
  • TCP/IP and UDP: differences and live examples of both
  • Process and processor: single-core quad-core dual-core and multiprocessing life cycle of the process.

Second Round: Technical and Resume Based.

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • String related questions, String pool String buffer String builder And String difference and how internally string works in the memory pool.
  • What is immutable? design an immutable class by yourself.
  • What is singleton class? design it
  • Along with this they also asked about design patterns in java but I denied as I don’t know it
  • Rate yourself on collections in java?
  • What is generics in java
  • The difference between vector, LinkedList, and ArrayList in java when to use it.
  • What is serialization?
  • The difference between an interface and abstract classes new java 8 feature default methods etc.
  • Check whether an element is present in both arrays if posses then write it?
    Input: 2 2 3 3 5 and   1 2 3 4 5
    Output:  2 3 5

    naive n2 optimize n in next round.

  • Check whether an array is sorted or not it is in dec or ascending both are sorted we need to check both?
  • Recursion question find n odd integers by recursion
  • One two more programming questions I don’t remember now.
  • Some questions on resume projects how you made that whats your role and some general questions HR type.

Third Round: Hr and Technical round it was.

  • How was your day? and hows the last round?
  • Tell me the questions you had in last round.

I told them all programming questions and asked me to optimize one of them that I did use a hashmap. Then another interviewer came and he tried to pressurize me and give me a question to design an app like WhatsApp and told me I don’t think so you will do it this app going to fail for sure. He is constantly interrupting, but I considered all the features list it down and add some extra features that I personally want to add in a WhatsApp.

They come to my projects and then asked me why you don’t use elastic search instead I told something about elastic search then they told me to study for half an hour and come back. I study thoroughly what is it and how it is used and why it is used? n told them.

It’s done! finally, at last, that interviewer who pressurized me gave me compliments on my confidence and asked some more questions like.

  • Why we hire you?
  • If you have an offer from another organization will you join that?

I consider all the factors and answered them.

Tip: Be confident! maintain a smile on your face, answer every question positively. Don’t be nervous, all the best!.

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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2019
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