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Clearing GATE CS along with Job

Last Updated : 20 May, 2021
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I passed out my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in the year 2017. After that I joined in a MNC IT Company at Pune and worked there as a Software Developer. I joined there in the month of July, 2017 right after the completion of my B.Tech. 

Soon after that in the month of August, 2017 I joined a coaching institute for preparing for GATE CSE 2018. As my batch commenced I found that approximately 10-15 other students were there who were also preparing for GATE and at the same time was doing a job. Months passed by and at the end of the course that is around January, 2018 only 2 were there in the batch who were pursuing job as well as preparing for GATE. After the GATE results were published, to the best of my knowledge I found that I only cleared GATE while parallelly doing a job. 


  1. My company used to give weekend breaks on both Saturday and Sunday. Even after the busy hectic schedule of 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, I chose not to take rest in the weekends and go to GATE FORUM and do my preparation, that helped in regular brushing up of my knowledge at least once per week. 
  2. What I think is, just clearing GATE is not an uphill task. You just need to keep in touch on a regular basis, what I used to do. After office when I returned home at around 10 pm, I used to go through my notes if only I could. But obviously I used to go through the notes in the Friday night because the following day there is class and if I don’t read what we was being taught the in the previous day class then I will not be able to catch up with what will be taught in the class. 
  3. Hardly I could manage time, dedication and energy at the same time to do my assignments after the weeks long work. 

How I appeared for my GATE exam? 
My GATE exam was scheduled on Sunday. I thought I will take 1 week leave from my office and do the preparation for my exam. But the very last week before my exam, due to some official tasks I was not granted a leave. Till Thursday I had to go to my office. On Friday I purposefully took a leave from my office for last minute preparation of GATE. So before GATE exam I got only 2 days for final minute brushing up of my knowledge. 

Pune is not my home town, I from a different state so the food habit was completely different there, so lack of proper food was also a challenge. 

On Sunday I gave the exam… And as the results got published I found that I have luckily cleared GATE… And the efforts that I gave was worth it… 

So friend never lose hope, keep up the HARD WORK and you will surely achieve your goal… 

Best Of Luck to All the GATE Aspirants…

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