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Clear variable from Memory in MATLAB

  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2021

Clearing variables from memory, with the help of clearvars operation. The clearvars operation is used to clear the specified variables from memory or from the currently active workspace.


clearvars variables
clearvars -except keepVariables

Parameters: This function accepts a parameter.

  • variables: These are the specified variables that are going to be cleared.

Example 1  


% MATLAB code for variables "x" and "y"  
% cleared from the memory and variable "z" 
% will be as it is.
x = 5; % Initializing 
y = 10;
z = 15;
% Calling the clearvars operation over
% the x and y variables 
clearvars x y
% Getting the remaining variables 


Example 2 


% MATLAB code for all variables will be 
% cleared except "C" and "D".
A = 5;  % Initializing of variables
B = 10;
C = 15;
D = 20;
E = 25;
% Calling the clearvars operation to
% clear above variables except C and D
clearvars -except C D
% Getting the remaining variables 


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