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  • Last Updated : 10 Jun, 2020

Prerequisite : Packages in Java

This post is targeted at telling what the CLASSPATH environment variable is responsible for. While programming in Java, we many times use import statements. An example is:


What does this import mean? It makes the Menu class available in the package to our current class. Such that when we call

 Menu menu = new Menu() 

The JVM knows where to find the class Menu. Now, how will the JVM know this location? It is impractical for it to go through every folder on your system and search for it. Thus, using the CLASSPATH variable we provide it the place where we want it to look. We put directories and jars in the CLASSPATH variable.
Let’s say the above package resides in the directory dir. The complete path of the Menu class file would be dir/org/company/Menu. We’ll specify only the directory dir in our classpath variable, as rest information regarding the path is provided by the import statements. Similar for jar, if you create a jar and mention its path in the variable, the VM will look inside the jar file and find the class.

Hope it clears 🙂

Note : CLASSPATH is explained in more detail in Packages in Java


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