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Clairvolex Knowledge Processes Pvt. Ltd Interview Experience Set 1 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2015
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Clairvolex Knowledge Processes Pvt. Ltd had visited our campus for the first time and their recruitment process was as follows :-

First Round (Aptitude Test) :-

Mode : Pen & Paper
Total questions : 50 MCQ’s
Time limit : 45 minutes
Sections : 2

First section was based on Verbal Ability, it comprised of 30 questions.
Fairly simple questions were asked based on proper usage of words, synonyms, antonyms etc.
Second section was based on Logical Reasoning and Aptitude, it comprised of 20 questions which were easily solvable in the stipulated time period.

Second Round (Technical Test) :-

Mode : Pen & Paper
Total questions : 10
Time limit : 45 minutes
Sections : 2

First section had 2 subjective questions.

Q1) In many applications, 10% of the total data is used 90% of the time. Which data structure will be used for designing such applications? Justify your answer.
A) Splay Trees. Give proper description about the working of splay trees and also give an example where it could be used for clarity.
For e.g. In many hospitals, medical records of very few patients are accessed quite frequently.

Q2) Person A wants to send an attachment to person B using a mail service. The networking model used is the OSI model. Discuss the functions of each layer involved in this process.
A) In-depth understanding of all the 7 layers is required and you need to describe the basic functionalities of each layer in short pertaining to the scenario.

Second section had 8 MCQ questions based on various concepts in Operating Systems namely paging, disks, caches etc and Computer Networks namely working of OSI model, routing etc.

Third Round (Group Discussion) :-

Topic : Should privatization be allowed in our government?

Shortly after the group discussion’s were wrapped up, the short-list was announced and I was among the 26 students who were selected for the interview process.

Fourth Round (Telephonic Technical Interview) :-

I was asked questions regarding my technical test as the interviewer wasn’t informed about my answers in the technical test. I explained him my approach and he was pretty satisfied with my answers. He asked me about my favourite subjects to which I answered Operating Systems and Computer Networks.
He asked the following questions regarding Operating Systems:-
1) What Is Belady’s Anomaly?
2) What is virtual memory?
3) What is paging and segmentation? What is the difference between them?
4) How to decide upon a page size in paging? Is the page size fixed for all processes?
5) Are all segments of the same size in a segmented implementation?
6) What is TLB and why is it used?

He asked the following questions regarding Computer Networks:-
1) Describe the functions of the 7 layers of the OSI model.
2) Differentiate between OSI model and TCP/IP model.
3) What is packet switching and circuit switching?

Note : Make sure that your fundamentals are strong in the core areas of Computer Science and you can sail through the recruitment process without much hassle 😀

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