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Citrix Interview Experience- SDE

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  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2019
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This was an on campus hiring in PES University on 26/07/2019

Screening round : This round consisted of 2 coding questions and around 40 technical and general aptitude questions. I felt solving even 1 coding que was enough as they give equal weightage to both aptitude and coding rounds and there are hardly any people who can do well in both the sections. I solved the coding question which was a exactly similar question from hackerrank which i searched later that day and realised it was a ready and well known question. Aptitude questions mostly consisted of C pointers and things related to networks and operating systems.

Round 1: The interviewer and me discussed one single recursive approach to one design question that was posed to me. The interviewer later pointed out to me that there was no perfect answer to the question discussed and it was only to check my approach to one unsolvable question. I was asked few question on a cloud based project that I had carried out during my semester in college, and my approach to few problems faced when designing a cloud application.

Round 2: Since I had done well in DSA in first interview this round was mostly based on DSA along with few questions on Unix. First I was asked to prove the worst case time complexity of GCD. Then asked to prove that the number between two twin prime numbers is always divisible by 6. Then another Dynamic programming question similar to this question was asked. And then I was asked to explain the complete working of ls unix command and that led to us discussing few more things related to user permission system on unix systems.

Round 3: This was a HR plus techical round. I was asked few questions regarding my behaiour in a team and few technical questions related to networks. Very prominent questions in this round consisted of few questions like

  1. what would I do if I had a different opinion from that of team leader’s
  2. How would I convince a team member of mine if I am sure that my idea is better than his/hers.
  3. Any past difficulties I have face working in a team and how did I go about them
  4. why do I want to join Citrix and why should Citrix hire me.

There were many such questions asked to me. Along with that I was also asked few networks questions like working of ping, traceroute commands. How would  test a ATM machine from a technical point of view if I were to put it to production right away after these tests.

To take home:

One peculiar thing about Citrix interviews is that once a candidate is realised to be good at a subject he/she is more tested in that subject in further rounds by experts in that subjects so, be very clear about your interests when attending Citrix interview as they give lot of concern to your interests rather than beating around the bush

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