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Citrix Interview Experience (On Campus 2019)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021

1)Online Test(Written):-

First round was online test, consisting of 40 MCQ (Aptitude, OS, NETWORKING, C++ output) questions and 2 Coding questions.

Coding Questions:-

Activate Fountain:- The problem statement was like you have been given an array where each element is having a special property, the array indexing is from 1, where index number represents the fountain number and the range corresponding to each fountain is max(i-arr[i], 1) to min(i+arr[i], size of array); you have to find the minimum number of fountains required to completely water the field.(Field:- range of field is 1 to n(size of the array)).

Golden Set:- Number of ways to divide the array into two sets, where each set is having equal sum.

After this round only 39 students had been selected for further rounds.

2) Technical Round 1:- The interview was totally coding specific, he gave me 2 questions for which i have to write the complete code in any language i like,

  1. Question-(1):- You have been given an array and some ranges, you have to find the minimum element from the range but you have to exclude that element from finding minimum which is having index number equal to query number.
  2. Questions(2):- There are two strings each is representing a version number in the form of four tuples, for eg:-         first version(10.5_23.56) and second version(10.45_256.09), you have to tell which version is higher.

After this round only 20 students had been selected for further rounds.

3) Technical Round 2:- This round is basically the combination of coding, Project discussion, OS

  1. He asked me about my Project, what is unique in it?
  2. He then asked me about Trie data structure.
  3. Can we use BST/Binary tree in place of trie?If yes, then how?.
  4. Write the code for Producer Consumer Problem.
  5. You have been given pairs where each pair is representing the starting time and duration of a TV programme, you have to find the maximum number of programme you can able to watch, and you cannot change the channel 🙂

After this round 19 students had been selected for further rounds.

4) Technical + HR :- This round is basically the concepts checker round from various fields like coding, OS, Networking.

  1. Why we use IPv6 if we are having IPv4.
  2. Explain the TCP connection Establishment by using proper flow diagram.
  3. Explain the TCP connection Termination by using proper flow diagram.
  4. What is your greatest Strength.Explain a Scenario which satisfies the former.
  5. What is your Weakness.
  6. What is Interprocess Communication? How it is being done?
  7. What is Semaphore.
  8. Why we do Process Scheduling.
  9. What happen when we kill a child process.
  10. Are you coding on any platform.
  11. What was your greatest Achievement.
  12. Any questions about company.

After this round, only 6 Students had been Selected. And I was one of them 🙂

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