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Citrix Interview Experience for R&D | On-Campus (2020)

  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
Geek Week

Online Test: The first round consisted of 40 MCQs related to Operating systems, Computer Networking, Aptitude, and data structures in C++. There was no negative marking. There were two coding questions.

  1. 1st question was similar to the prime jumps’ problem, you had to maximize the score, the pawn can only move 1 place or by a step of p which is a prime number having the least significant digit equal to 3.
  2. 2nd question was similar to the triplet problem. The triplets should satisfy the condition of having at least two workers and the product of capacities of the workers equal to the desired capacity. 

They gave equal weightage to m.c.q.s and coding questions. I was shortlisted for the next round and only 33 were shortlisted CGPA-wise. 

Round 1 (Tech-managerial): The interview process began with the interviewer asking me about myself. Then he asked me about my projects and skills. I was able to answer them quite confidently. Then he moved onto a coding question. He asked me to check if two rectangles are overlapping or not given their top left and bottom right coordinate. From there he asked me a puzzle about a rope and two towers. I was able to answer that as well. Then he asked me about my plans in the next 3 years and what are my preferred roles in the company. I was able to clear this round. 

Round 2 (Technical): The second round started with the interviewer asking me directly what are my strengths, I told him that it was deep learning and a bit of networking. He asked to rate me out of 10 in coding, I told him I was a solid 6. He then asked me to code to check if an array is a subset of another array or not. I coded it and was then asked to optimize it. I was able to do it as well and then he started talking about my CGPA (which is 9.5) and being the branch topper what are my future plans after graduation. He asked my GPA and individual rank in every semester and then asked me a few questions related to deep learning. Overall, the interviewer was very impressed, and I was shortlisted for the final round. 

Round 3(Tech-Managerial): This was the final round. The interviewer first asked me about how my previous rounds went and then went on to ask me the differences between the three computer science branches in my college. Then he diverted to talking about tennis since we both had a common interest in it. After that, He finally asked me to code the following problem:- 

Given that 01-01-2000 is Saturday, write a code to generate the date and day given the offset number of days. 

The interviewer was friendly and helped me along the way. He kept asking me my logic for every function that I was coding. He also asked me to add comments. Overall, I was a bit slow in this round and wrote some redundant code but in the end, was able to pass all test cases. Out of 13 students selected in the final round, 7 finally made it, 4 with P+I offer, and 3 with only I offer. I didn’t make it. Overall it was a great learning experience. Hope this helps :).

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