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Citrix Interview Experience for Internship + FTE | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021
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Recruitment Procedure:

1. Test

  • 40 MCQ
  • One coding question:  Medium level

2. Technical Interview

Two coding questions:

  1. Find the subnet mask bit count, find the subnet mask – Bit manipulation
  2. Given an array of 2n + 1 integers where each number is repeated twice except one number. Find that number – XOR all elements
  • What is a subnet mask?
  • Maths puzzle question – Find a number n such that,

                  n%10 = 9 , n%9 = 8, n%8 = 7, n%7 = 6, n%6 = 5, n%5 = 4, n%4 = 3, n%3 = 2, n%2 = 1, n%1 = 0

                  Ans : LCM of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 = 2520 => 2520 – 1 = 2519

3. Technical Interview

Brief introduction. Then we discussed the projects and other things mentioned in my resume. It was a high-level discussion only, they didn’t go into much detail.

Two coding questions :

  1. Check if an IP address is valid or not (IPv4)
  2. Given two arrays of strings, check if strings at the same index in two arrays are anagrams or not. If not, find the min modification required to change it to an anagram. You cannot add new characters, but the existing characters can be modified to any character.

System Design :

Design an android application that can get information about the vaccination slots available. The data is provided through an API that is already existing and we need to filter the results out of that based on the various filters applied by the user. I explained all the classes which are required. Also wrote the code for one of the classes and explained the data flow on the backend side. Basically, we need to explain how the data flows and how we can handle the various filters and how it is being designed.

4. Technical/Managerial Interview

This round consisted of only one system design question but in more detail. I had to design a Job portal. He was expecting a basic design, then he moved on to scaling, caching, etc. Also, we discussed the various projects mentioned in my resume. The interviewer also asked some managerial questions. They were focussing on my previous work experience. Whenever you mention something, justify it with an example from your life experience. In the end, he asked if I had any questions. Always make sure that you ask some good questions so that he gets an impression that you have researched the company and you are interested in the work that is happening at the company.

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