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Citius Tech Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 08 May, 2017
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Logical questions only

15 questions in 30 minutes

Some are CAT level and some are GRE level

They had 4 sets

69 people made it to the next round

If you score 15/15 then they will only take only HR round else both the rounds

Technical round

I was the last person to be called for the interview

My Interview started at 7pm

Stress interview

1) Tell me about yourself

I mentioned about my projects, extra curricular activities, achievements etc.

2) Since I had developed a Python Application which allows the users to send email without logging in.

His next question was what libraries did I use?

Can u make it without a library? Ans: No

3) What are ACID properties?

He wanted all the details

4) In my IBM project I had used Jquery and AJAX

He asked what all do you know about JQuery?

What all do you know about AJAX?

5) In my CV I had mentioned I knew ASP.Net and JSP

He asked PHP kyun nahi aata hai

6) What is the difference between Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2? (ab yeh kaha se aa gaya)

7) Difference between Java and javascript

8) Difference between encapsulation and abstraction

9) In 80s C was popular then why C++ was invented? (he wanted my view)

10) Javascript database connection code

11)Latest Android version

12)He asked me whether I know shell scripting. I replied Yes and then he said OK Cool, I won’t ask you that (toh pucha kyu)

Since I had done a couple of Microsoft Certifications on various Operating systems these questions are based on them

1) Design a client server application in which the Active directory has more than 1 lakh users and you need to find all the users starting from A from the client

Answer : You can’t do it. You can only do it on the server. Microsoft server OS does not provide these many rights

2) there is application server and 100 clients are connected to it. Some users are downloading content on the server’s drive via the client and some of them uploading content on the server’s drive

How will implement this?

Answer Concurrency control and transaction processing explained the process

Now he started grilling me

Why do you need to Microsoft certifications and all?

Usme cut,copy, paste karna sikha kya?

Why in server OS 2008? and blah blah he went on

Trust me this same interviewer asked my friend about image processing and cloud computing also

Interview ended at 7:43pm

Round 2

HR+Tech Again I was the last one to be interviewed

This round was pretty chilled out

Tell me about your family background

Do you have a facebook account? – I said no then he asked explain working of browser (ye kaha se aa gaya)

OSI Model

He gave me simple puzzle (Always think loud)

Explain normalization and denormalization

Why denormalize?

Explain ACID properties (phir se)

Do you have any offer from any other company?

Why citius

Do you have any questions for me

I asked how is the journey in citius tech for a fresher

he started explaining and went on for 7 mins

Interview ended at 8:50pm

The list of the selected candidates was mailed to the Training and placement officer after two days

Total selections made: 30
I was one of them 🙂

My sincere thanks to GeeksforGeeks and all the very best to all other Geeks!

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