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Citicorp Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus for Internship)

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Citicorp, Pune visited our campus to offer Summer Internship in a Summer Analyst profile. The company opened for only four branches, i.e. CSE, ECE, EEE and MEC. There was a PPT given by the company officials before the process started, where they informed us about Citicorp and what they worked upon. The internship process is explained below. 

Online Test
The online test was divided into 5 parts, Technical, General Aptitude, Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning and Coding(2 questions in 60 mins). The time for each section was fixed and separate. The Technical round MCQs consisted of questions regarding coding I/O, OOPs etc, the Quantitative section had MCQs regarding profit/loss, probability, statistics etc. The Aptitude and Verbal section were relatively easier. It was mandatory to attempt a question to go to the next one, and once attempted, it was not possible to review the question again. As for the Coding round, luck played an important role. Some students got easy questions while others received hard ones. Some of the coding question were Bit Manipulation(gray code sequence), Backtracking (Rat and cheese problem), frequency sorting(STL not allowed), finding a specific sub-tree in the main tree etc. Out of some 160 students who appeared, 40 were selected for the interview round. 

Interview Experience

Technical Round
The interviewer first went through my Resume and asked me to give an introduction of myself. After my intro, the interviewer asked questions regarding Linked Lists, BST, String manipulation, basics of OOPs etc. I was asked to code a question on paper. The interviewer also asked about Database Management, but I did not have any knowledge regarding it. The projects in my Resume were related to Machine Learning, and the interviewer specifically asked me whether I was open to working in different domain, as during the internship I might not be assigned to a team that worked in ML. I told him I was open to it, though I would prefer to work in ML. He seemed content with my response. In the end, he asked me if I wanted to know anything from him, so I inquired about his role at the company. The Technical interview lasted for about 35 minutes and was quite easy; almost all coding related questions were from GeeksForGeeks. 

HR Interview 
The interviewer asked me to explain any one of the projects on my resume. While I was explaining, the interviewer would ask questions in between. I was also asked about team projects, and how I managed the team. In my eagerness, I ended up saying I was interested in finance too. The interviewer caught the word “finance” and felt I was trying to show off, so he started to press me about why I was trying to say that I was interested in the Finance Industry when I did not have any experience regarding it. This was a blunder by my side, I should not have said it and finally when I could not make up an excuse, I finally said that I was interested in finance because this is where the real money is. The interviewer seemed satisfied with my honest answer and went on to his next question. There were a few questions regarding my interests and my family background. I was also asked how I managed my problems while my past summer internship at South Korea. It was very important to stay confident and give precise answers without stuttering. 

Overall the interviewers were very friendly, and along with technical knowledge, I felt equal importance was given on our soft skills and how we presented ourselves during both the interviews. Finally and thankfully, I was selected along with 8 other students. 



Last Updated : 26 May, 2021
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