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Citicorp On Campus Interview Experience

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Citicorp (Citi Group/Bangalore) came to our campus for Full time Data analyst and intern profile. 

Written round- 
There were 15 questions from quant’s, 10 questions from data interpretation with 1 mark each and -.5 for wrong answer also there were 2 case studies with 10 marks each with no –ve marks. Total 45 marks question, I did only 9 from quant and 7 from DI total 16 out of 25 questions and didn’t touch case studies. Quanta and DI were very basics level. 
In those 16, 1 question was wrong so basically I did 14.5 out of 45, but with a accuracy of 90%. Didn’t expect to get shortlisted but was very tensed and angry upon myself coz it was my level paper. But around 12 mid night shortlist came and I was at 11th position out of 31 students in the list. 
There were total around 90 students who appeared for written test. They allowed Mtech and Mca guys not Btech. 

First round- 
I went there and greeted him. Firstly he told me to introduce myself, later he asked what I like the most. I told analytical thinking and logical reasoning and yeah I relate it with data base.(since I knew they came for Data analyst profile). 
He asked me about join, gave me a table and told me to perform all joins. I did that and he asked me about Order by clause and, having clause then asked me normal forms up to bcnf. 
Later asked about pl/sql difference b/w sql and pl/sql, what is trigger explain in detail. Some basics questions of DBMS theory asked me about my 2 projects and at the end he gave me a situation where I have a grocery shop outside nit Surathkal, and from last few days/months I realized a downfall in sales, what possible reasons could I find? I gave him 8 reasons within 2/3 mins. He was impressed… 
After 1st round out of 31 only 13 were selected and I was there in d list. 

Second round- 
As soon as I entered the room, mam told me “Ooo tum aao aao ”. I smiled because I was the 1st guy during presentation who asked the first question (she made every1 clap for me there) and she remembered my face. And eventually she did study from IIT Kanpur so yes she was able to speak fluent Hindi (plus point for guys like me :p). with her there was a guy he asked me to write code for taking a no and converting it into binary and 1 question from array- very simple later she gave me a table with employee id, order date and order amount. A customer can place max 1 order in 1 day. I had to find the latest transaction of every customer with amount as well. i did it using max function over date and group by with sub query, she asked me about my resume at the end she gave me 7,9,21,63,100 and told me to find the no of numbers between 1 to 50000 which are exactly divisible by all, i did it in 1 min. 
but she was smiling, I thought I made some mistake in hurry, then I asked mam m I doing right or wrong (in curiosity as I find very comfortable there) she smiled and said “Chalo bhago ynha se ye interview h ”.I said sorry but yeah she was impressed with my interview so told ki “you will learn all these things very quickly”. 

Third round- 
After 2nd round 9 were selected and I was one of them. It was basically a Managerial round and it scheduled over Skype. I had to introduce myself as well as my family background. Here comes the harder part when he asked me why you have such a poor academic back ground? I was speechless for a moment but I started telling the truth. 
I told despite getting 68% marks in my 10th I was the third topper of my class. I got 60.66 % in 12th but yeah there also out of 700 students only 14 got first division. So basically I concluded that in my state board marking is not that much good. He said ok but what happened in graduation(64%) when you studied in Delhi?(what to say now :p) I said sir I did it from IGNOU and you can Google the fact that even less than 5% of student are able to clear the degree in 3 years. Later I explicitly mentioned that I m not blaming my boards but this is the fact which can’t be change. 
Now He asked what happened in PG here also you scored only 7.50 CGPA which is less than even standard score of 8(Meri to jaan hi nikal gayi :p). Then I told him that sir u can see my pointer in first semester is very less close to 6.5 but after that I constantly improved myself. He was smiling ….. 
He asked me about my family background and then I told him how I struggled, I was giving tuition in my grads to continue my education and after grads took a gap of 1 year and cleared all MCA entrance examination and now sitting in front of him. 
Later asked about my best qualities….i told him that I can lead group of people very well. I gave example of me being captain of my department cricket team and I was class monitor through 3rd to 12th std and also some stuff regarding my college events. He noted down something .I don’t know what. 
I was not sure that I could clear that interview. When the result came they called all 9 students and said that they find is difficult to eliminate 4 names .i was sure that I m out of picture now but fortunately my name was at 2nd position. Wowwwww 

Fourth round-Hr round 
It was telephonic round and just my hobbies and all, he asked me about my poetry writing hobby as well as Hindi Shayaris. I was told to recite 1 …when he listened, he was very impressed… 

Key to success: If you wanna come in Citicorp make Dbms and sql strong .you should be good in analytical thinking as well as reasoning capability should be good ..Be yourself and Be Confident 

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Last Updated : 25 May, 2021
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