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Citibank Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

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1st Round (Online Test):
MCQ test consisting of 3 sections:
a. SQL/PL SQL : 20 ques 25 mins
Questions were related to basic use of sql, finding errors, output ques, selecting correct syntax and so on.

b. Data Interpretation: 10 ques 20 mins
2 graph questions were given: it can be any (we had random questions; I got one table chart and another pie chart). Each graph had 5 related questions. Questions were difficult and you have to maintain the speed.

c. Critical Reasoning: 15 ques 20 mins
The questions were based on syllogism, paragraphs (4-5 questions related to each paragraph) and few graph questions (line graph)

2nd Round (Technical Round):
The interview was Face-to-Face.
I was first asked to introduce myself, tell about the background details and all the activities in which I have been engaged so far.
The interviewer asked to explain the hurdles when I mentioned about the events and activities I have organized. (As a Leader and also as a Team)
I had 3 projects mentioned in my resume; I was asked to explain any 2.
During discussion I already mentioned him about my first one so I explained him the remaining two (Having a DBMS project is like having cherry on the ice-cream). He asked me to explain each project with the diagram so for DBMS I explained him with ER diagram and for C++/Data Structures I explained with Class Diagram.
He asked me about my intention of working in those projects. (I had a variety of projects mentioned in my resume – 1. MySQL, PHP, Unity 2. C++/Data Structures 3. Oracle (RDBMS)
My DBMS project was on Social Networking so he asked me to give me in 10 steps If I have to implement it in my campus- NIT Trichy (during this we had discussion about the evolution of Facebook). This question was in intention to judge my analytical skills as how well I can think on the problem and implement it.
Atlast he was very much convinced about the project and my ideas.
He discussed with me about the locations and the working hours and asked me whether I was flexible with that or not.

3rd Round (Technical Round):
This was a telephonic round. The question started by asking to brief about my resume and myself, my interests, hobbies, idol. The interviewer was so impressed with me and complimented me by saying “A decorated piece”. I convinced him and told my interest in all the domains- Academics, Social, Cultural, Extra-Curricular, Sports, Leadership, Team Management….
I was then asked to talk about any one of my project so I chose to go with the RDBMS project. He asked me to explain it and fired me with set of SQL queries based on the project. I gave him the answers.
Later, I was asked to tell about myself to him as a third person (How will a 3rd person talk to him about me). He asked the 3rd person the weakness of mine and how is she overcoming it. He was highly impressed.
He also asked to me about the products that are offered by Citibank. Have a good knowledge regarding this. Also, he might say you not to give Wikipedia answers so have a good answer ready before hand.
PS: Try to be calm and convincing with your words. Use your pitch wisely because the interviewer is only going to judge you on the basis of what you speak. Good communication is a must to easily go through.

4th Round (HR Round):
This too was a telephonic round. This was the final HR round.
Initially he asked me to tell me about my resume and then focused on the projects that I had written. He asked me to explain all the 3 projects but may be because of shortage of time or he was impressed with the explanation of the 1st project asked me further to tell why I would like to join Citibank and why for the given profile.
Atlast he was very convinced and asked me if I had any questions for him.
I asked about the location that we will be getting.
This round went for max 20-25 mins. Have confidence and choose your words wisely before you speak.
Finally I got selected.

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Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2017
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