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Citi India Interview Experience (On Campus)

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First Round (Online Test for 2 hours): The test was conducted in AMCAT platform and consisted of 4 sections:

  1. Quantitative aptitude: 14 questions (14 minutes)
  2. Logical Reasoning: 12 questions (16 minutes)
  3. Technical MCQ: 25 questions (35 minutes)
  4. Coding: 2 questions (55 minutes)

I was able to answer 90 percent of the MCQs correctly. There was no negative marking. All questions are mandatory to complete. You cannot skip a question.

Coding questions:

  1. Given a graph in the form of a network consisting of pipes which transports oil to the storage units, determine the maximum amount of oil that can be transported via the network at any given time.
  2. Given a string, perform x reverse operations from index 0 x times.


Input: string = abcde, x=2 
Output: bcade (abcde->bacde->bcade)

I got only partial output for both the questions. But for some companies, partial outputs will not be considered. So make sure that you complete at least one question with all test cases passed.

From 654 students, 129 were selected for the second round.

Second Round (Technical for 30 minutes): There were two-panel members. They asked me to introduce myself and asked me to explain the project that I did in my internship and asked questions regarding the same. The project discussion went on for 10 minutes. Then asked me about the languages I know. I said C, C++, and JAVA. They asked some basic questions like fundamental differences between C, C++, and JAVA, what is overloading, overriding and their difference, what is Collections in JAVA and the data structure implemented by the collections, what is Hash Map and Hash Table and their difference. They asked to rate myself in DBMS (I rated 9) as I mentioned it in my area of interest.

They asked several basic questions from DBMS like what is a transaction, ACID properties, and different levels of isolation. Basic questions from Software Engineering like phases of SDLC life cycle were also asked. I was able to answer all the questions. Then they asked me what are factors will you consider while hosting a web server. I told them I had no idea about that and they jumped to the next question.

They asked me two puzzles: (Telling them how you approach the problem is sufficient.)

  • Puzzle 1: There are doors numbered from 1 to 100. One man opens even-numbered doors while the other man opens doors which are multiples of 3. How will you find the final number of doors(approx.) that is opened?
  • Puzzle 2: There are 25 horses and 5 lanes. How will you find the top 5 fastest horses with a minimum number of runs? 

They asked me some managerial questions like why should we select you, what do you expect from Citi, how do you imagine yourself after 5 years and how will you overcome your weakness. Finally, they asked if I have any questions for them. I questioned about the recent news article about Citi. They answered and appreciated me for following Citi closely. They seemed to be impressed.

From 129 students, 52 were selected for the next round.

Third Round (HR Talk 5-10 MINUTES):

  1. How did you end up at PSG?
  2. What do you do in your leisure time?
  3. Why Citi?
  4. Any questions do you have for me?

 I asked about his role in Citi. At last 37 students got placed and by god’s grace I was one among them.

Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2020
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