CISCO Project Intern Interview Experience

Total there were four rounds.

Round 1: It was a objective written test. Pattern was somewhat related to GATE but level of the questions were average. Questions were asked from C, C++, DS, Algo, OS, Digital System, Computer Organization and Aptitude. Around 30 were selected for the next round out of 100.

Round 2: This round was pure technical interview. Questions were asked from syntax of C, C++, difference between structure and class, GDB, how can you have your own dynamic memory function without malloc or calloc in C, difference between array and linked list, padding in C, structure in C, default in access specifier in class and in structure.

Round 3:This was again a technical round. Questions were asked from Project work, VoIP, UDP vs TCP, which protocol would you prefer for file transfer and why? Why don’t we use TCP always?Explain all type switching in context of computer network.

consider a scenario where you are talking to your friend using normal call and another scenario where you are talking to your father using whatsApp call, differentiate both?

Then he asked about favorite sports, I replied cricket. He said that lets assume Virat and Rohit are on strike and both are on 96 and total 5 runs needed to win and last 3 balls are remaining and 1 wicket is left. Is there a way so that both can score century and Ind can win this match?

Second aptitude question he asked that you have a huge aircraft and I want to measure its weight but unfortunately we don’t have balance ? Can you measure its weight?

Round 4:

It was HR and final round.They asked what did I do since last two year about my career? What is my interest? They told about locations.

Fortunately, 7 people was selected at the end and I was one of them.

Hope it will helpful to of you people. Do your best.

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