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Cisco Interview | Set 5

  • Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2019

Interview consists of one written and two technical rounds followed by HR round.

Written Test : Total 50 questions
Aptitude : 20
Technical : 30
cutoff : 29 marks. aptitude – around 9,10, Technical – 22

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Aptitude Questions :
[Mainly covered on topics like basic probability question, functions, propositional logic, finding number with help of statement, simple passage, basic permutation]

1. Aptitude means everyone starts with speed and distance, train problems, boats and cisterns, Time and work but here there was no questions on these topics.
2. Simple questions on conditional probability like
X having 5 chips with 1 defective, Y having 4 chips with 2 defective what is the probability of selecting 1 defective chip out of 9 chips that to from Y.
3. simple problems on Propositional logic
p->q V p->r how many set of values for this logic gives true value
Ans – 7
4. two set {1,2,3,4} and {4,5} total number of elements in cartestian product of these two sets.
5. If a digit square is divided by half of the number then its quotient is divided by and it is added by 36 then…. you can search questions of this type.
6. Two white ball and 3 red ball in box a, 3 red and 4 white in box b, probability of selecting white ball from box b.
7. Simple passage questions.

Technical :
Subject – [logic design, computer networks, os, datastructure, algorithms]

1. 12,54,86,78,13 how many swaps you need if you sort this using bubble sort.
2. Which of the following are valid coding schemes
3. Basic theoritical question on ADC
4. Have a look on ICs like 8241,8251, question was which one comes under this group something like that
5. ab’c+a’b’c+a’bc+a’bc’ minimize this expression
6. question based on memory mapped i/o definition
7. simple question os synchronization
8. page replacement
9. question on thrashing concept
10. worst case n^2 and best nlogn which sort ? -quick sort
11. networks – which of the following are switch forwarding approach
a) cut through b) store and forward
ans – cut through
12) have a look at switch,hub,router,bridge and osi layer
14) how many hosts u can accomodate in
15)os – context switch, deadlock

Technical round:
Revise OS, B.Tech or M.Tech projects, data structure,
Program to find substring.
Network questions like DNS, OSI, DHCP
OS – InterProcess communication, Process, Deadlock, Garbage collection, Algorithm – Dijkstra’a algorithm,
Datastructure – Linked list questions

Tips and books- Gate questions, Data Structure made easy by Narisimha karumanchi, Timothy. J. williams computer science MCQ.

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