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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2019
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Hello everyone! Cisco came to our campus for full time hiring of final year students. They had shortlisted candidates for the interviews on the basis of written test which consisted of MCQs. There were 50 questions out which there were 20 aptitude questions, 15 questions on C, Computer Networking and Data Structures and the rest 15 questions were from digital electronics, BJT, CMOS and Microprocessor. We were given only 1hour for this.
Since, the cutoff was quite high, therefore one has to concentrate both on accuracy and speed.

First Round (F/F)-1 hr
The interview started with the introduction, after which he moved on to my projects and asked about the data structures and algorithms used to implement the project. After then he asked questions from Operating Systems like Coffman’s Rule, context-switching, processes versus threads, interrupts, semaphore, mutual exclusion, concurrency, deadlock, etc. After then he asked some questions from Computer Networking like TCP versus UDP, what happens when you type a URL, flags of TCP, ping and traceroute, etc.
After then he asked me how much you rate yourself in C and further asked me to write a code for insertion sort using linked list. Then he asked me to look at the code and search for the corner cases and errors if any. Actually, my function had a void return type and he was worried that my head pointer is not getting updated. But I answered him that it will get updated as my head pointer was globally declared and he was satisfied. Then he asked if I had any questions for him. I asked him 2-3 questions and later I came to know that he was my alumni and then we further talked about the life at Cisco.

Second Round (F/F)-75 minutes
This interview of mine was taken by the Production Manager. He started-off as if the round was HR, by asking me my introduction, strengths and weaknesses, why Cisco? , etc.
He, then, asked me about the questions covered in the last round. Then he had given me a question to code. The question was that you have been given an array of length N and window of length M which slides over the array. You have to compute the average of the elements in the window for each movement. Initially I started off with the brute force and ultimately reached to the solution he wanted. He then asked me the advantage of starting from brute force. I replied that at-least I have a solution to work upon.
Then he asked me the designing questions (I didn’t remember what exactly the question was) and further asked me to code a trie. He then asked me about hash-maps and heaps. And ultimately he asked me whether I had any questions to ask.

Third Round (F/F)-15 minutes
The HR was just a formality. The HR manager started-off with my introduction, family background, do you have any problem in relocation? , how do you take personal conflicts? ,strengths and weaknesses, then asked me if I am available for intern in the 8th semester and I indirectly said No to her (As such there are no norms in the college but for you I will ask my T&P department and I will call you back accordingly ). And then she asked me to spell my email id and finally asked me to wait outside for the final result.
By then, I was sure that the profile in which she wanted me to fit in had no vacancy and ultimately the result was announced and as expected, my name was not there :(.

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