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Cisco Interview experience | Set 20 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2017

Cisco recently came to our college for campus recruitment.

The first round was an MCQ round with 50 questions. The questions ranged from aptitude (about 20), OS, C++, C, (both input-output type) networks, Data structures (finding order etc) and some basic electronics.

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Round 1 (45-60 mins)
The first round was a technical round where they first asked some basic data structure questions like finding the number with the minimum frequency of occurrence. Then it was about which profile I prefer and then a few other questions based on C. These were quite nice questions and made me think. I could not answer all of them but I gave some idea about how it can be done and they seemed ok with it.
In the end, they asked if I had any questions and then they were done.

Round 2 (50 – 60 mins)
My next round was managerial and tech round. First, I was asked about one of my projects and the questions were more on how I approached the whole process and not the tech itself. Then he asked me a simple puzzle. He then moved on to ask which was my favorite language. I said C++. He asked me a good number of questions on abstract classes and seemed satisfied with I told. (Whenever you read any feature or property, always understand why it would be useful in a real-world application and answering conceptual questions becomes easy – more you are able to draw analogies with the real world, easier it is for you). For example, I was asked what is the use of an abstract class. He wasn’t interested in knowing that an abstract class cannot be instantiated. He was more interested in how I can make sense of it – an abstract class is something which cannot be mapped to a real world object, but the classes inherited from it can be mapped and hence should be instantiated – like mammal is an abstract class – you can’t have a mammal object but dog, cat, human etc are all mammals – the sub classes are instantiated. So get your concepts clearer by thinking more about the real world when reading anything new.

Then he asked me why Cisco and then asked if I had any questions for him.

Round 3 (10 – 15 mins)
The next round was a HR round and was pretty much a formality as he asked me stuff like what will you do if have offers from other big companies etc. Fairly normal and straightforward interview.

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