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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 16 (On Campus – Advisory Services)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2019

I. What are you interested in? cs programming or networking.(as I am from cse so he wanted to know)
II. Different routing protocols with their functionalities
III. Difference between ARP & RARP
IV. What is DNS & its services? Why DNS & ARP is different when both searches for the IP address?
V. What is your strong part in networks?(I told subnetting,masking,finding addresses)
So he gave me one address format & asked to find the first valid host address
Eg.,find first valid host,broadcast,subnet address.
VI. TCP & UDP. how the connections are made in these cases?
VII. Write the code to implement circular linked list.
***performance was not up to the mark & shifted to IT field for next round interview.
I.  How did I get this college
II. Tell me about your project
III. Field of interest
IV. Difference between pointers & arrays
V. Why am I so much interested in mathematics (as I have mentioned in resume about so many participations & achievements in mathematical competition )

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