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Cisco Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Hello everyone, Cisco visited our campus on August 5th 2021 for full time roles for 2022 graduating batch. 


  • 15 MCQS : 10 on CN, 5 on aptitude.
  • 2 Coding questions:  One was based on strings and hashmap. I don’t remember the other one but was medium question.

ROUND 2(TECHNICAL INTERVIEW): There were two interviewers, they introduced themselves, I was asked to tell them about me.

  • I mentioned 3 projects, Operating System, Cache compression, small CN projects like chat systems using TCP, UDP, etc. So they asked me which I was comfortable with. I told CN and they asked how much I would rate myself in CN.
  • Asked about TCP, UDP. Differences. How did you implement 3-way handshake
  • Handling multiple clients in a chat system
  • FTP protocol implementation and all
  • DHCP protocol
  • Difference b/w final and finally in java
  • Max profit in job scheduling. Just logic, no code, and solution for a small input
  • OS questions like, preemptive and non-preemptive scheduling
  • Asked me about OS Project which I kept in my resume
  • Asked me about threads, synchronization ( JAVA )
  • Sorting algo, which would take least Time complexity and their implementation and real-world examples.
  • Any Questions


  • Intoduction
  • Asked to choose b/w c and Java. Which one would I prefer to work on? I  gave my views.
  • Asked to choose b/w embedded roles and roles which deal with AI, Cloud computing. I gave my views.
  • Internship experience
  • Discussion on projects.
  • A coding question: Make a sorted linked list into a balanced tree. I started from brute force to optimization. Gave him 3 answers
  • Any Questions


  • Introduction
  • I added that I like to do illustrations and graphic designing apart from works. He asked me what tools you use, just to make sure I’m not bluffing and asked me what sort of designs I made.
  • Which role  do you think  you  are most suitable for?
  • Why cisco ?
  • Place preference
  • Any Questions


Total of 3 members are selected for the FT Role. 

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Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
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