Cisco Interview experience (On Campus) 2018

Round 1: MCQ(No negative marking)

It is a online round which has 50 questions that had to be completed in 60 minutes. The questions consists of aptitude, C output questions, operating system concepts, networking and data structures. For aptitude if one follows RS Aggarwal that is enough. Also practice quiz from geeks from geeks some of the questions were from there. 14 students were shortlisted from 44 students in my class

Round 2: Technical Round

Technical round was conducted the day after the online test. They gave me a star pattern and asked me to write a code to print it. Questions from subnetting were asked. Some of the aptitude questions from time and work were asked too. They also gave me a situation to check how would I perform in some of the critical situations. 5 students were shortlisted after this round

Round 3: Managerial Round

It was resume based. They asked what projects you had done, what problems you faced and a little bit of my extra curricular activities.

I was eliminated after this round.

Round 4: HR Round

They asked where do you see yourself in Cisco and just formality questions. 3 students got selected after this.

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