Cisco Interview Experience | Off campus – 2019

Round 1:Online mcq questions on hackerrank

There were 50 mcq questions which has to be answered within 60 minutes.

Questions were mainly from subjects like: computer networking, operating system, c, c++  programming , data structures and few aptitude questions.


Round 2: Technical round 1 @office

In this round they main ask you questions on data structures, C programming and Projects which you have completed  in academics.

Data structure questions:

1)find duplicates in  an array(optimized code)

2)detect a loop in a linked list and find intersecting point in LL.

3)Delete a node in a linked list using single pointer .

4)Post order traversal using recursion and iterative method .

5)which data structure is used in C++ STL implementation?

6)Write a code to count number of bits set(binary) in an integer number.

C programming questions:

1)memory management in C .

2)pointer and double pointer .

3)calloc vs malloc .

covered all basic concepts in C programming.

Round 3: Technical round 2

In this round they asked questions on Operating Systems and  Computer Networking.

OS concepts they asked :

1)types of memory available

2)semaphore and mutex


4)context switching


6)paging and segmentation

7)Process states and properties


Networking questions :

1)Diff btw TCP and UDP with practical examples

2)DNS working

3)Diff btw Bridge, Switches and Router

4)What is HTTP?

5)What is super netting and subnetting?

Round 4: managerial round + technical round

In this round they ask you about your projects completely and some basic programming questions .

They will check whether you are interested to learn something new which they want for their company .

Round 5: HR round

HR was very friendly, she just  asked about preferred  location and any offers in hand !

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