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Cisco Interview Experience for Software Engineer Intern | Summer 2021

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We were approached by the university recruiting team for the “Women in Technology” program of CISCO which intended to provide a summer internship of 2 months.  It was a combined process for our college as well as many other colleges. All female candidates from Btech, Mtech, and Dual degrees were eligible.  There were 4 rounds.

Round 1(Coding): This was a coding round that was held online on hacker earth. It was 90 mins and there were 3 questions to be done. The two questions were easy and one was medium level. I did 2 questions and passed 4/7 test cases in the third question. After an hour I got a mail for technical round 1.

Round 2(Technical Round 1): In this round, the interviewer gave a lot of attention to the project I did. Be very sure of the projects you add to your resume. They even asked me if I was doing some new projects and enquired about it. Then she asked me some questions about the operating systems and computer networks.

  1. What do you mean by paging
  2. What do you mean by thrashing?
  3. What do you mean by TCP/IP
  4. What is TCP protocol?
  5. How connections in TCP protocol made?
  6. Write a code to display the most frequent character in a string
  7. Discuss the logic to find the maximum length of substring that is a palindrome from a string( They did not tell me to write code only discussed the logic

Round 3(Technical Round 2): I got a message for the 2nd round where she asked me general questions like what is interesting about you apart from academics and then there was 2 puzzle question asked in this round. I would suggest you go solve each puzzle given in GeeksforGeeks. It helped me a lot.

Round 4(HR): After 30 mins I was called for hr round. It was a very chill round. They told me about stipend and location of internship etc.

The next day I got mail that I got the offer. So the process was very smooth and nice. Just believe in yourself that all it needs to win. Everyone has a day so don’t panic in the situation. Hope this article helps you.

Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2021
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