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CISCO Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2022
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CISCO visited our campus to hire a Software Engineer for a Full-time role. The recruitment drive consisted of 5 Rounds :

ROUND 1: ONLINE ASSESSMENT: This round consisted of MCQs and 2 Coding questions. The MCQs were based on Computer networks, operating systems, DSA, and Aptitude.

After the first round, 29 students were shortlisted for the interview rounds.

ROUND 2: TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: This round was purely based on the technical part. The interviewer asked me some DSA questions and after that, he asked some questions about networking. I answered almost all the questions and got selected for the third round.

Having good knowledge of DSA and networking is important to clear this round.

ROUND 3: MANAGERIAL INTERVIEW: This round was mainly based on the projects I have done and some general HR questions. The interviewer was very friendly and supportive.

  • The interviewer introduced himself and asked me about my projects. I briefly explained my projects and after that, the interviewer asked me to run my project. We had a long discussion on the project.
  • After that, the Interviewer asked me what problems I face while developing this project and how I resolved those problems.
  • After that, he asked me about my journey at college.
  • Then he asked me how I have developed myself in the past three years at college.
  • At last, he asked me if I have any questions.

I got selected for the fourth round.

ROUND 4: TECHNICAL + MANAGERIAL INTERVIEW: In this round, there were 2 Interviewers. One for the technical part and the other one for managerial.

  • Both the Interviewer introduced themselves and first the technical part started.
  • The interviewer asked me in what conditions we can optimize our code. How does code optimization affect our CPU and memory?
  • Then the interviewer asked me some questions about Operating systems and computer networks.
  • Some questions were like explaining the OSI model, various protocols, and some questions on L2 AND L3 devices, etc.
  • Then the managerial part started and he asked me what is the definition of a team. Tell me some incidents where I have shown team spirit. He asked me about my hobbies and the clubs that I have joined.
  • Then the interviewer asked me if I have any questions.

I got selected for the fifth round.

FIFTH ROUND: HR ROUND: This was just a 15-minute round.

  • In this round, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself.
  • Then he asked me about relocation and my job location preference.
  • After that, he asked me what I know about Cisco.

After the fifth round, 4 students were selected for the full-time role, and luckily I was one of them.

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